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Refugee Show and Tell Project: A Campaign to Humanize Refugees

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Be it intentional and unintentional, media coverage often portrays refugees as a homogenous block of suffering people. Most newspapers and channels broadcast refugees exclusively during the worst moments of their lives, creating stereotypes that make it difficult for people to individually sympathize with them.

Research has found that when we only see people in groups, it is difficult for us to see individuals in those groups as free-thinking minds that are capable of living the same rich human experience we enjoy. When we fail to see refugees as individuals, we fail to see them as humans. When we don't consider these individuals as human, we end up not caring about their feelings and struggles, which enable us to submit to fear, negativity, and anger generated by rhetorics and false imaginations.

This is what we hope to change. 

We hope to humanize refugees and emphasize these individuals’ right to narrate their own lives. Through a campaign run mostly on social media, we hope to use refugees' stories and experiences that will enable people across the globe to see refugees as individuals with just as much of promise, emotions, and life as you and I do. They are refugees, but they are also musicians, designers, scholars, mothers, aspiring Olympian athlete... 

Especially in the current global political climate, we believe that changing people's perceptions of refugees is the most effective way to garner long-term policy change regarding refugees. 

So, join us to stand with refugees, to support human rights, and to give people rights to tell their own stories.


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