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Change Laws and Guidelines On Prescribing Opiates for Intractable Pain Disease Patients

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For the past several years, there has been a calculated effort by the DEA, CDC, Stakeholders, and other Government and Medical Agencies, to force millions of good, law abiding American Citizens, who happen to be Victims of a cruel and torturous condition called “Intractable Pain Disease”, also known as IPD, but most commonly and incorrectly referred to as “chronic pain”, to be Tortured and Suffer Needlessly and Inhumanely. (IPD Definition: “Intractable pain, also known as Intractable Pain Disease (IPD) or IP, is a severe, constant pain that is not curable by any known means and which causes a bed or house-bound state and early death if not adequately treated, usually with opioids…” ) Most IPD sufferers don’t even know that is what their suffering is called, because “THEY” (All responsible for this calculated assault) haven’t informed, said patients, that they have IPD. Instead, they continue to put IPD patients in the “one-diagnosis-fits-all” “Chronic Pain” category, which officially means “pain lasting longer than 3 months (or past the time of normal tissue healing) outside of active cancer treatment, palliative care, and end-of-life care”. In other words, if you break your arm, and it takes 4 months to heal, you have “chronic pain”. This, however, leaves an entire group of millions of good American people who have an extremely debilitating, constant, 24 hours a day,7 days a week for life, untreated and/or under-treated for their torturous pain!  IPD patients are being turned away, treated as if they are addicts, having their medications reduced or halted all together, because of newly implemented laws by the DEA and guidelines by the CDC and their State’s Medical Boards, and now threatened with White House Bills to further this assault. These CDC guidelines are supposed only be a recommendation for primary care physicians who are initiating prescriptions to new “chronic pain” patients, new to opiates, to lower the risk of addiction and overdose in treating these patients, and does not include IPD patients who have already been established with opiate medication treatment or who have not yet reached a proper dosage of opiates to treat and manage their pain.  ” Although the guideline does not focus broadly on pain management, appropriate use of long-term opioid therapy must be considered within the context of all pain management strategies.” -quoted from the CDC. They also state that “Patients should receive appropriate pain treatment based on a careful consideration of the benefits and risks of treatment options.” And “Prescribing opiates for pain is a legitimate practice.” And now are admitting that the overdose epidemic is not caused by patients taking legitimately prescribed opiate medications. Quite different than what they said when they started this assault on legitimate pain patients and their physicians. That it is from the illegal use of prescription medications and the use of synthetically made pills that look identical to the real medication, heroin users, and cartels and drug dealers, NOT legally prescribed pain medication, even in high doses for more serious conditions like IPD. Intractable Pain Disease Patients are being left Victimized, Criminalized, Demoralized, Humiliated, accused of “overlapping prescriptions from multiple providers” and “filling prescriptions without using insurance to receive multiple overlapping prescriptions”, which is completely offensive and ridiculous accusations for various reasons. #1 Pharmacies have connected records by a patient’s name, and will not fill like that, and #2 IPD patients cannot just pay for a $4,000.00 in cash prescription, on a disability income, or most any income for that matter, which is what just one of the medication’s cost for a month supply, and that’s only half the dose needed for most of these patients. It’s a ridiculous and insulting accusation by the CDC and DEA.  IPD patients are Verbally and Emotionally Abused, Ignored, and Treated like drug addicts or illegal drug dealers who are “Drug Seekers”. I can assure you that Intractable Pain is so debilitating and painful, that there is no way an IPD patient is going to sell or give away their medication, their only relief from this horrible, torturous pain. IPD patients are being turned away completely by scared physicians, who just don’t want to deal with a patient in severe pain, having their medications cut in half or completely discontinued by their scared physicians. Leaving IPD sufferers in states of unthinkable and inhumane debilitating pain. And leaving them in a state of complete isolation from family and friends due to a diminished quality of life, a total Violation of Human Rights! Physicians in fear of losing their licenses due to these new CDC Guidelines and the lack of Intractable Pain Disease in the Guidelines or even in the CDC’s vocabulary, and the lack of information on IPD given to physicians and specialists on IPD, even though there are clear available studies at the CDC’s disposal. The lack of IPD recognition by the CDC, DEA, and Medical Boards, has caused for so many to suffer torturous, debilitating pain, deadly pain, that is forcing patients to live in a bed-bound or house-bound state with no quality of life, causing depressive states, thoughts of suicide merely to be rid of the constant pain, not due to any mental disorder. We treat our pets and prisoners of war better than we treat patients with Intractable Pain Disease. IPD is deadly if untreated or under-treated, and the benefits of treating these patients with opiates to ease their suffering far outweigh any risks of taking the opiates themselves. In fact, it could save their lives. This issue has even now affected Our Veterans, as the brave men and woman who fight for this country have had their pain medications taken away. You'd think that even if they don't care about regular citizens of the United States, they would care for our Soldiers who defend us. This Must Stop!! For more information on Intractable Pain Disease, Death due to untreated or under-treated IPD and IPD patients, Google search and please go to these links:

We, the undersigned, who are concerned Doctors, Citizens and Patients who urge our leaders to Act Now to Put Intractable Pain Disease as a Priority and separate from, or added as a “sub-group” exception to “chronic pain”, that is more severe and permanent! We Demand You Address the CDC, DEA, All State and Government Agencies responsible for the Health, Safety, and Wellbeing of the Citizens of The United States of America, about IPD and the proper treatment for it, which is usually opiates as studies of the condition show. We Demand to know why Intractable Pain Disease (IPD) has not yet been acknowledged as a serious and potentially deadly condition, or a condition at all with the CDC, when things like “chronic fatigue” are clearly acknowledged, and IPD is so much more serious. We Demand IPD to BE acknowledged and added as an exclusion to the “Guidelines for Prescribing Opioid Medications for ‘Chronic Pain’” alongside End-Of-Life, Active Cancer, and Palliative Care, since it is just as painful, constant, potentially deadly, and will last for the lifetime of the patient, no matter how long or short their life may be. We Demand that Physicians, Specialists, and all involved in patient pain care are to be educated on the available studies on Intractable Pain Disease, it’s main causes, and the need for treatment with opiates, sometimes in higher than normal dosages, as per individual patient needs, (e.g. time patient has been in IP, tolerance, how much pain medication has patient been taking or taken in past before guidelines affected their dosages, etc.) until pain is under control and quality of life is restored. We Demand that Patients who are Suffering Horribly on a constant daily basis with conditions that are clearly forms Intractable Pain, and all other means of treatment and procedures have failed or cannot be performed, and there is no cure for their condition, be immediately re-instated their opiate pain medication(s). Those who have not been established an appropriate dosage of opiate pain medication(s) yet, that relieves their pain enough for a quality of life, because of physician’s refusal to prescribe appropriately, be immediately prescribed increased dosages of opioid pain medication, along with other non-opioid medications, until that patient is at a level that relieves their pain enough for quality of life, and that a prescription for Naloxone is given to each patient receiving opiates in these higher doses, until a safe level of opiates for each patient is established, to prevent death from overdose. And that each IPD patient has a prescription for Naloxone, for precautionary purposes, always. This will not only serve protect the IPD patient, but will also protect the prescribing physician, knowing they are protecting their patient using all precautions available, while still giving the patient the best pain relief available and keeping their oath to “Do No Harm”. We refuse to allow the suffering of victimized patients of IPD any longer, and Demand Action Now! 

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