Change and reform the CPS system

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A man named Justin Bennett abused his 3 year old daughter so badly she died. He beat her, broke her ribs, and her back, to further the abuse she died because her heart exploded. He shoved Habenera peppers in her mouth all while the mother was DEPLOYED. The child’s name was Abygail Bennett. He was also abusive to the 3 year old’s older siblings. Child Protective Services in Nevada had video evidence of the abuse and did nothing to help due to custodial rights. I want CPS reformed so that in abuse cases that come with evidence, custodial rights are null and void if the abuser is a guardian OR, married, OR dating a guardian. This man shared custody with his wife who separated from him. I also want those responsible for the negligence in this case to be removed from service and their certifications revoked, not to be able to work with children at all in the future. I want a change where good parents don’t lose their rights to their children while known child abusers, drug addicts, and negligent parents get more than just a slap on the wrist. I want a change in the system in Abygail Bennett’s name.