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Change America's School System

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Hi, my name is Eric Church and I am a 13 year old student from the State of New Jersey. I am here today to attempt to change the United States education system to make school better for every child my age!

The school system, something that Americans have had to participate in for almost a century. All of us have had to be part of the system in order to graduate and earn a High School Diploma. I myself am going through the school system and think it's time for a change. Americans have endured the same repetitive education for almost a century and where has it lead us? The United States education has lead us to the 29th place in the world education level. We used to be number one but now we find ourselves ranked 29th in the world. This is scary, but so is the school system and how it runs for many modern American students. Many students have had to face stress and in some cases even depression. Many of these causes are due to school bullying. School bullying can happen for many reasons but one of the major reasons I have found is also because of stress related to school. This then puts them in the position to bully other classmates who are dealing with the same stresses as the bully but now has to deal with both stresses.  This amount of pressure and stress in a child who is being bullied can lead to suicide. Suicide rates have substantially increased where 5 girls and 14 boys commit suicide out of 100,000 of their gender where 10 years ago in 2007 female suicide was 3 out 100,000 and male was 11 out of 100,000. The United States suicide rate is so bad it's ranked 3rd for the highest suicide rate of all ages in the world! Now let's look at the country of Finland. Finland is a country which is dominating education in the world. You would think they would be working about 10 hours a day in school, well you are wrong! The country of Finland's schools is operational for about 4 hours each day! May I also mention they have almost no homework at all! They also only have one standardized test which is done at age 16! It sounds insane that Finland is dominating education and is doing so much less than the United States. Finland is also ranked as the 5th happiest country in 2017 and the United States was only ranked 14! As you can see Finland is doing much better than the US and is so much less too! It is also true that the teenage suicides are much fewer than the United States! As you can see Finland is doing much better than the United States in education and happiness, which made me wonder, "Why don't we apply what Finland is doing to our education system?". I feel that if we implement many things that Finland has applied to their education system we could do just as well as them and keep the students of the United States happy at the same time. Being a student myself I can imagine seeing my fellow peers smiling as they walk down the hallway and talking about subjects in school that interest them instead of talking about what to do after school. I imagine a time when I don't see a report of suicide in the news. I imagine seeing that the United States is the in the top 10 happiest countries of the year. I imagine making the United States a better place for everyone.

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