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Call for free, fair elections in South Sudan ending the corruption and genocide

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Act Now to Save the Vulnerable Children of South Sudan!  The US and US must stop negotiating with perpetrators of genocide and human rights atrocities. 

The way to stop the violence and to pave the way to peace is to have a free election. 

The problem:

It is time to change the corrupt leadership and stop decades of failed UN and US policies in South Sudan that have nearly 6 million of people, half of them children, facing immediate starvation--more than 100,00 people a month! 

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has been relentless in urging South Sudan's rival leaders to stop the violence.  It hasn't worked.  Massacres occurred literally hours after the December's peace talks wrapped up.  Whole families are being wiped out, women and young girls are gang raped, villages are torched and food is being used as a weapon of war.

South Sudan has many natural resources, diverse climate and rich farmland to feed its people, but the violence keeps farmers from planting and harvesting their crops. 

The South Sudanese people want their corrupt leaders to go and security to allow for free, fair elections.   

The Solution:

It is time for a new approach.  It is time to call for free elections in South Sudan.

South Sudan's younger generation of leaders are ready step up.  The Kush Democratic Majority Party has representatives in all ten states, the refugee camps, North America, Australia and Europe.   

Security is needed to prevent feared assassinations of KDM Party and other candidates as they seek to bring together their people.  South Sudanese residents need to feel safe enough to vote and absentee ballot security must be ensured for refugees living in camps and around the world.

It is time to stop the insanity--stop expecting peace from perpetrators of war and give South Sudan's young, educated generation a chance to lead.

We ask for the United Nations, the White House, and the United States of American Congress to call for free elections in South Sudan.

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