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Bring Back Club Penguin

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Club Penguin should be brought back with government funding as a historical heritage monument online. Club Penguin is culturally significant for Generation Z throughout the United States and across the globe as well. As we would be treating Club Penguin like a heritage monument, it should be held in high of a regard as a National Park. The outcry of the many to bring back their precious memories of youth and satisfaction need to be heard. Although a bold request, it is very doable as expenses to keep Club Penguin alive are rather low due. As servers are not very expensive to keep running, a tax increase on the population would not be required for this request to be granted. As Disney owns the rights to Club Penguin, purchasing the rights would be the only real large fee in the government taking over the servers. Although, considering the large amount of debt the country is already in, purchasing the rights would not be very detrimental for the future of the United States. As this may be taken as a joke, I assure you it is very real. The people will speak, and the government shall listen, as it so has been for many year in the past, and for many in the future.

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