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Boycott the NFL until players stop disrespecting the national anthem, and the USA

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NFL players are merely people that play a game on a field in front of a huge crowd and get paid and insane amount of money for it. Meanwhile there are men and women putting their lives on the line every day for chump change to protect this country and our freedom. We the People put money in these players pockets and in return we get a bunch of overgrown children with immature mindsets that decide to kneel during our country's national anthem. The team owners and coaches and even the NFL commissioner Rodger Goodell seem to support this disrespect. By boycotting the NFL and not attending games or watching games on TV, the ratings will drop, the cash flow will decrease and the stubborn players will come to the realization that they are only popular when people are watching them. They should feel blessed to be able to play this game in this great country and there is no greater disrespect then not standing with your hand over your heart during the national anthem. This country owes them absolutely nothing because it provides them with everything they need, mainly freedom. And though among the freedom that we have is freedom of speech and freedom of protest, still that should be determined by each team owner. If the individual owner still supports disrespect of our country's national anthem this is where boycotting comes into play. If we can hit them in the pockets then maybe it will open their eyes. The NFL rulebook has pages that outlines the standards each team and coaches should follow during our national anthem. If those rules are not enforced by the NFL commissioner, then he should be relieved of his duties. God bless this country and the many players that still show respect to our national anthem.

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