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Ban masks at political events

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Political violence has become popular since 2016 when extremist left wing groups like ANTIFA and BlackLivesMatters developed. Their tactics of violence and political intimidation make them terrorists by definition. Both groups, and other groups from all political spectrums, are more commonly using a tactic of face covering at political functions. They wear masks, hoodies, scarfs, and helmets that hide their identities in public. They are free to commit violence and break other laws because of this. If they are allowed to remain masked, they will continue. Every news report where police made attendees remove their masks, they disperse and no violence happens. When they are masked they throw bottle, bricks, smoke bombs, and fire crackers. They stab, punch, kick, and hit with blunt objects. If they were not masked they would feel vulnerable to criminal charges they should get. Free speech is a cornerstone of American society and wearing whatever you like is generally a freedom. Although, when your action results in actual violence and terrorism it is no longer a right. Rights stop as soon as they endanger someone else. You do not have the right to yell fire in a crowded room and you do not have the right to wear a hockey mask into a bank. When you come to a political event with a mask, you tell everyone you are about to commit a crime. Please ban any form of masking in public places where protests, political marches, and major events are held. This will stop violence. Then maybe we can begin to debate with words again, instead of fists.

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