Ban cisgender people from serving in the US military

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On July 26, 2017, President Donald Trump announced that transgender individuals are to be banned from serving in any capacity in the US military, citing reasons of medical costs and unspecified 'disruption'. We call on the President to go a step further: to also ban any cisgender individuals from serving.

It's discriminatory and unfair that transgender people aren't able to access the same opportunities in the American war machine as everybody else. The logical step is to extend the ban on trans service members to cover cis service members as well.

This will aid the reasons that President Trump lists in his original tweets:

  • The US military spends five times as much on viagra as it does on trans healthcare. Banning cis service members would cut this cost, and all other medical costs, to zero. This would save over $50bn a year.
  • The US military is one of the most disruptive forces in the world, being currently deployed in over 150 countries. It has helped destroy nations, install dictators who act in the business interests of the United States, and maim innocent civilians using high-tech remote weaponry. Extending the trans service ban to also cover cisgender individuals would resolve this disruption and allow peace to grow in the conflict-ridden areas of the world.

It is for these reasons that we demand that the President extend the trans military ban to a total military ban, by also banning cisgender people from serving. It's the most effective thing Donald Trump could do to reduce inequality and discrimination in the US and all over the world.

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