Ban all Hamster cages under 450 Square inches.

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Hamster cages under the 450 SQ Inches of floor space bare minimum are Way too small. Pet Stores sell cages at 170 150 or 200. Kaytee still makes Critter trail cages. The only reason people still buy these is that they don't know they need a bigger cage, because the Pet Stores tell them it's more than big enough. Hamsters should not be in these cages. There have even been cages at 50 SQ Inches. If the Pet Stores started selling big enough cages, people would not buy small ones. The minimum is the minimum. 400 SQ Inches is not big enough. The minimum was 360, but in 2016 changed to 450 because Hamsters needed a bigger cage.

Please sign this so we can help all the Hamsters in small cages.

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