Bahamians against Fred Smith and illegal friends

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Fred Smith QC wants insurrection and his recent propaganda pamphlet is designed to cause undocumented migrants to act in defiance of our law enforcement. This may be intended to create civil unrest which could result in innocent people being harmed or worse. He and others distributing this erroneous information should be tried for acts of sedition against a sovereign nation. They should have their citizenship revoked, especially since Smith was born in Haiti and his equally aggressive activist comrade Louby Georges was born here to illegal Haitian parents. Both can have Haitian passports, so let them move to the country they love instead of accommodating interlopers by distorting our laws and contriving to make The Bahamas (a nation far more humane than most) look bad internationally. The Human Rights Bahamas group (Facebook) or Grand Bahama Human Rights Association, continues to disingenuously use The Bahamas in their name, while running rough shod over a tiny country with limited resources.

Bahamians are known to be passive which is why this has plagued the country for decades. Along with legal immigrants they've been unbelievably tolerant but there's a breaking point, and now we find ourselves at the crossroads of a potentially explosive situation.

I emigrated and got married in Nassau 40 years ago and raised a family. I've watched Paradise start turning into one of the countries Donald Trump called a nasty name, and seen the audacity of newer generations of illegal Haitian immigrants boldly and unapologetically take whatever they please, as if it's their God given right:

(1) They build unsanitary shanty towns which become fire and health hazards, and usurp as much as they can at the expense of hardworking taxpayers. After over many shanty burning the reason one was 5th March 2018.

(2) They take jobs illegally while our unemployment numbers are high and send money home to Haiti, and harbor others who are then encouraged to do the same.

(3) Our hospital and public clinics are full of pregnant women who think having multiple babies here gives them the right to remain, yet our laws have never allowed automatic citizenship. An employee at Princess Margaret Hospital working in the maternity ward claimed for every ten beds with women in labor often only two were Bahamians. Many times expectant Bahamian mother's have been unable to get a bed, just as some have had difficulty registering their children in our overcrowded public schools.

(4) To add insult to injury, it continues to cost millions annually to house illegal immigrants caught and placed in our Detention Centre where they are fed and given medical attention when needed and flown back home. Meanwhile the US turns their sloops around to whatever fate is in store, yet The Bahamas has been accused of acting inhumanely. Such a statement is beyond offensive when undoubtedly (if they got that far and must back track) our islands will be the preferred destination.

Many Bahamian families are suffering and people can be seen scavenging at the city dump. Our country cannot sustain the constant invasion of these people while Fred Smith QC seems to want to play God, though I can think of a more fitting term given the chaos he appears to wish to instigate. He continues circumventing our laws, attacking our sovereignty and expressed a desire to represent persons of Haitian descent in our House of Assembly, even though they're already represented along with other legal foreign nationals.

Years ago it was jointly agreed with the leadership of Haiti not to criminalize their citizens over illegal immigration. Last year this crafty QC created confusion by using our law of "due process" (further expense in court) to attack our government and change the status quo. This melodramatic lawyer even threatened to sue our leaders in our Supreme Court and have them incarcerated, much to the dismay of the electorate. He's pushed this FNM administration into a corner, and our AG must act accordingly, in order to prevent violence between people who've lived in harmony for decades. Our economy has always relied on tourism and Smith has already visited Washington in the past and made unsubstantiated claims to the OAS and IHRC that had to be defended by our Minister of Foreign Affairs and Immigration, and his affiliates.

Once again this was an added burden for taxpayers, not to mention a humiliating experience. How can anyone think destroying the reputation of a nation that's shown nothing but compassion and tolerance to Haitian migrants, is beneficial to those living there? The world needs to know what this devious, manipulative, and dangerous man is doing. He seems out of control and if this situation and animosity over it continues to worsen, lives may depend on it. What irony that an elderly man claiming to be a humanitarian appears hell bent on harming an entire populace;(

The Bahamian people are fed of his ongoing melodramatic dogma and stand against when the government/s have the fortitude to do it. 

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