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Ayuda por medio de una intervención militar en Venezuela

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Caracas, January 15 of the year 2018


Dear Sr Trunp.

Who subscribes to, retired curator, Abelardo Castellanos, holder of the identity card Venezuelan.5-073.087, I come to you on behalf of millions of Venezuelans, in order to ask you is avoque to the military intervention and by force if necessary at the end of seize and freeing the Venezuelan people from the tyranny of the President illegitimate Nicolas Maduro Moros and his string of robbers and drug traffickers such as Diosdado hair Rondon, Tarek El Aissami, Iris Valera and whoever the Government as defacto.

Today it is known worldwide, as have cornered the last bastion of resistance the Insp of the CICPC and helicopter pilot Oscar Perez in the area of El Junkito, who wants to surrender but intelligence bodies and the regime thugs not permitted, the insp Oscar Perez. It is not any criminal and even terrorist, Government only wants his head to show it as a trophy and keep population terrified, to continue doing his thing.

Please help us to emerge from this regime, as soon as possible, are killing us, without food, no medicines, no quality of life, crime making mischief and worst affected members and armed by the Government.

Please for more whatever, help us out of this nightmare, civilians does not possess weapons, or how to deal with the Government.

Without more to that reference, with cry is it yours,

Com® Abelardo Castellanos


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