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Assign a special prosecutor to investigate obstruction and collusion in obama admin.

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In light of new testimony provided by former fbi director james comey on jun 8, 2017 we the american people are requesting a special prosecutor be assigned to investigate allegations of obstruction and collusion within the former obama administration this investigation should include but not be limited to former president obama, former doj head loretta lynch, former fbi director james comey, hillary clinton, bill clinton, and other fbi investigators who worked the criminal investigation of hillary clinton and her emails.

This request comes after former fbi director james comey testified under oath to congress and the public on jun 8, 2017 that he infact participated in a former obama administration cover up in the case of hillary clinton where there was enough evidence to charge her with crimes but he was instructed by his then boss head of the doj loretta lynch to no longer refer to the clinton case as an investigation but instead refer to it as a matter, both the same term the clinton campaign used to describe her investigation and also after an admitted private meeting between bill clinton and loretta lynch on lynchs private plane. The former head of doj loretta lynch working for president obama handed down the do not investigate order to james comey and it is suspected those orders came directly from former president obama.

In light of the investigation into donald trump being similar in nature in regards to obstruction and collusion it would only be prudent and in the absence of double standard that an independent and proper investigation be conducted. Again this request is based on the former fbi director james comeys admission to his participation in this alledged criminal cover up conducted by the obama administration on behalf of hillary clinton.

Furthermore also based on testimony provided by james comey a case for leaking classified information to the press and public should be opened.

Comey durring testimony admitted to removing classified and unclassified government property from a classified government laptop with the intent of leaking it to the press.

Comey admits to passing this information to a civilian friend not in government and without classified clearance and then instructed that individual to release the information to the press after he was fired. The information comey stole and leaked by his admission was infact leaked to the press.


Again, this request for a special prosecutor is based on new evidence provided in testimony provided by former obama fbi director james comey who admitted under oath that not only did crimes, obstruction, and cover ups take place in the obama administration, he admitted to his ultimate participation.


Thank you for your prompt attention to this very serious criminal matter in the name of justice.

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