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apologize to the Central Park Five

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Trump's "brand of bigoted bullying" didn't start with his opposition to supporting our first Black president. His vitriolic voice emerged, 1989, by taking out a full page ad in the Daily news, calling for the death penalty of five young Black and Latino teenage boys, whom he had also labeled as savages. These boys were wrongfully accused of raping and beating a white woman unconscious, in Central Park. Their incarceration ranged from 6yrs to 13yrs, at the ages between 14 -16yrs of age, resulting in a total loss of their youth. These boys(men) were exonerated after a serial rapist, another inmate, confessed to the assault.

These young men have been justly fighting to be compensated for malicious prosecution and imprisonment. For some reason, our honorable Mayor Bloomberg doesn't want to acknowledge the obscene act of unjust incarceration and precious loss of youth. The city is still fighting against them to receive justice in court.

In view of these facts, why isn't Trump equally as outraged by the treatment these young men are receiving from the city. Why hasn't he been MAN enough to publicly apologize to " The Central Park Five ", with a full page ad, as he so publicly condemned them? These young men are still suffering from the repercussions of incarceration. Where's Trump's OUTRAGE over their loss of youth and time?

Please join me in calling on Donald Trump to be the 'Man', publicly apologize to, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Raymond Santana, and Kharey Wise, Yusef Salaam. Support them in receiving financial compensation for years lost. Offer them jobs within his mega corporation, and anything else they need to begin righting the offenses against them .

Redeem yourself Mr Trump. Show the world your magnanimous, and humble self for once.

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