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Gerrymandering is the dishonest reconfiguration of the boundaries of voting districts to ensure that the majority party in the legislature will control most of the seats to be voted on in the next election. The main problem is that the legislators whose names will be on the ballot are empowered to configure the districts. It is a brazen case of the fox guarding the chicken coop.

The U. S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments on Wisconsin’s gerrymandering case that will have repercussions in multiple other states. A three-judge panel in Wisconsin struck down the redistricting done by the State legislature that virtually guarantees control of the State legislature and congressional seats even if they lose the election.

President Reagan called the practice a "conflict of interest". President Obama said it is a system where politicians choose their voters instead of voters choosing the politicians,"

The best antidote to this dishonest practice is to take that power away from the legislators and making the distribution impartial. It is imperative that a neutral commission is in charge and the distribution is made automatically by a computer with a nonbiased algorithm.

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