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Americans for justice against domestic terrorism

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We, the citizens of the United States of America, and those like myself who live in Virginia (I reside in the 9th District) demand action against any and all who commit acts of domestic terrorism and those who fund it. George Soros is the largest contributor of terrorist groups like ANTIFA through his Open Society Foundations. The Clintons, their foundation, and The center for American Progress, which is headed by John Podesta, working with Hillary Clinton obviously have influence with the left and are trying to advance their liberal agenda by any means necessary.

It is time for us to fight for our country and keep our citizens safe by any means necessary. When I served in Iraq from 2004-2005, our country had a mentality of "if you're not with us, then you're against us" It is time to revert to that mentality once more if we desire to live in a safe nation. A nation that will not pander to the left and their ridiculous demands, their scare tactics, and bullying until they get their way. It has become quite obvious to most Americans that we have an enemy within our own boarders, and it is the rich and powerful people who sit across the isle, best known as the left, or Democrats.

While on the steps of our Capitol building Nancy Pelosi herself stated that the Democrats will not stop, they will move forward to create a more progressive country. She also stated "the name (Republican) has in some ways been hijacked by obstructionist. The only obstructionist we see in our country is the left, those who support the left, and those who bankroll hate groups and organizations that are a cover for domestic terrorism.

In a time where our great country is facing many enemies, foreign and domestic, the time to act is now. Our country is in danger, our rights are in danger, our safety is in danger, and our future is bleak if we continue down this path. We ask that you act in the best interest of American citizens, take hard action against these groups who are spreading hate, destroying our cities, killing American citizens, and endangering the very foundation that this great country was built on. We know who these people are, we know where they are, we know what they are doing and what they are capable of. It is a time of action, it is time to draw a line and take no prisoners in this "fight for America" If they are not with us, then they are against us, and if they are against us they will face justice.

We thank you for your time, your efforts, your sacrifice for this great country. The hard work and fight is just beginning. However, we can make America great again if we draw a line in the sand and say, enough is enough and we will act, we will work together to create a safer and stronger America and secure our future for our children who we will leave behind.


John T. Wimbish  (and all who sign this petition)

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