American born citizens Children should not be used as immigration anchors

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Save Children from being pawns in immigration for others to achieve status in America by fraud. I was married at the age of 18 to a family who betrayed me and my family to gain immigration status . 

When I got married to him i soon later found out he was married already and also deported ,though my mother was sick with cancer i respected her wishes and dealt with their abuse and hardship. I had two beautiful children that where getting neglected from the family. As his dad  who had  two wives in the same house. They Physically and mentally abused me because my mother had passed away.

They applied for asylum in 2001 with the First wife claiming he is a sibling of 10 when its actually 3. The second wife she's the mother of.Being fraudulent to gain immigration.

I was being tortured so much and my children being called names by a split family just to gain immigration.My children being cursed at and living in a split mental household. The Grandfather and the daughter now forced me to do the pix 11 interview when my daughter was born. As welll as she posted many lies.They threatened me and used it against me. When i finally said enough is enough they locked me out the house and took my children away that i raised because they need them to get immigration.

Im a American Citizen and my children are being used as pawns to gain release or custody. My children need me and Family court Judge Hughes gave them temporary custody to the grandparents. They used advantage and lied in court documents to take my children when has been Deported 5 times and is a bad character criminal along with his Family. Please Support me in getting my children back I'm suffering this and nothing is being done Americans stand up together its for our children . If Americans should be valued our children should not be given away on lies or mid trial for accusations.

Please support me by attending my trial on

April 9th at 9:30 am

Part Ten Judge Matthew Hughes


Americans stand up to people using American citizen children to get immigration status. Stand together i plea for your support of getting my children. This petition is to return my Children Amin and Aliyah.Pease support and make a difference Attend my trail date on April 9th at 9:30 at 400 carleton ave central islip ny 11722.

Call ice regarding Balal Parveez at 212-264-4213  NYS FIELD OFFICE ICE