AMC Channel~Stop The airing Of the Series Preacher

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I am utterly disgusted by the smut ( Preacher) that AMC chooses to air on a once respected channel.
No more will I myself or my family be viewing or giving any ratings to this channel. I am going to also send out an email chain throughout several states asking that fellow Christians and everyone they know do the same.
To see how the Son of God, my personal Savior is portrayed on this program sickens me , I am so deeply offended to see him disgraced like this !!
This program (Preacher) is blasphemous , not factual, sacrilegious, distasteful and lucrative smut. They are spreading lies about our Savior Jesus Christ in a series that is unprecedentedand, and just plain filth! Shame on you! How can AMC desecrate the precious Son of God as they have chosen to do. I believe that their conscience has been severed with a hot iron. I pray that they (all of AMC) take this disgusting series off the air, repent, and cry out for forgiveness and mercy! God is not willing that any should die without his Son as their Lord and Savior, so I tell them, take a hard look at the one you are disrespecting, One without Sin, King of Kings, and Lord of Lords~

With utmost disgust!
Amber Brown and Sandie Francisco

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