Allow and Fund our U.S. Veterans to conceal carry and patrol our schools with K9s.

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Allowing our U.S. Veterans to Patrol our Schools with trained K9 units, ensures on site personnel trained in combat as well as spotting threats. Funding this position would not only help to protect our children but allow many unemployed veterans to find work that fit their skill sets after separating from the service.

These shootings are not carried out by law abiding citizens, they are terrorists; not mentally ill, not troubled but TERRORISTS. No matter the nationality any attack on innocent people is an act of terrorism plain and simple. While I agree the lack of decent help for the mentally ill is also a concern that needs to be addressed immediately as well. Murder is not in the hands but in the head and heart.

Rendering law abiding citizens defenseless will not stop the criminals from carrying out acts of violence but increase the likelihood of them. These attacks have occurred in locations where people are known to be unarmed and  we need to change that dynamic and allow TRAINED personnel to fight back for our children's safety. 

It goes back to the saying; "See something, Say Something." 

Criminals who spend months planning and plotting these attacks will find any means necessary to  follow through. Allow our veterans to do the same and continue the oath they made when they enlisted!

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