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Accept Pakistani Christian Asylum Seekers

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Mr. President Donald . J. Trump

Many Pakistani Christian fled from Pakistan to Thailand
because of religious persecution and they applied for
asylum to UNHCR Thailand, in March, 2015 Thai
Immigration arrested overstaying people unfortunately
many Pakistani Christian families were arrested after they
got bails with the help of some NGOs, in a while two years
the compilation bail period IDC (Immigration detention
center) call them back, it was very hard time for all
Pakistani Christian families because many families and
persons were on bails, it was kindness of Thai immigration
they extended their bails for two months. It was golden
time for UNHCR to give quick decision of their cases but
mostly Pakistani Christians are refused and their cases has been closed now they have no any other option
except stay in IDC or return to Pakistan. When
UNHCR close the file mean no more responsibility.
If I am not wrong everything looks preplanned.
After rapidly closed cases of Pakistani Christians
then few families decided to go back to Pakistan
because they were disappointed to UNHCR, how
can we live in IDC (Immigration detention center)
without any hope but few families are still staying
in IDC (Immigration detention center) with their
small kids only hope on God. I met many Pakistani
Christian refused families they are living under
the fear of arrest because they are overstay and
not allowed to work, so very difficult to survive
there because they need room rent, food, milk for
their kids, medication and education for kids. I
also met few Pakistani Christian families they got
refugee status by UNHCR from two and three
years but still they are waiting for resettlement but other said Pakistani Ahmdy mostly got
refugee status within few months and fly for
different countries. In Obama’s Management
if ten Pakistani Ahmdi families go to USA
might be one family Pakistani Christian. I
want to ask are Pakistani Christian not
human? I am requested to Mr. Donald J
Trump pleas show the mercy and help them
because they be worthy of and I believe that
you can do.

Article by Patrick Sarooj


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