A statue for Malcolm X

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Malcolm X deserves a statue because he was a powerful leader in the civil rights movement he should be remembered because he played a major role in the civil rights movement, he was an African-American minister, and while doing all that he was in jail. This shows that he is very dedicated to doing what he does. If you think about what other person would be willing to be minister and stop at nothing for equal rights. He famed speech was by any means necessary. In this speech he says “ bring about the freedom for these people by any means necessary. ¨Now ask yourself whos more committed than that. Overall, Malcolm X should be remembered for his work and dedication for the civil rights.


One of the reasons I believe he devers a statue because of one of his big accomplishments. Malcolm X was in jail then when he got out he did something very big.   After malcolm’s parole he went on be become a minster a little after a year. This is important because its surprising that in little time he made very big progress. That's something that's very good progress, This shows people that if he makes that much progress with being minster from jail then he will do alot for the movement as a result the minster after Jail just proves what he can do.

Malcolm X was a civil rights movement leader. He helped the struggle to get equal rights with Martin Luther King, yet he was not the same as him. Malcolm x was one of the people that urged the civil rights movement people with aggregation ¨ by any means necessary .¨This shows that with his enthusiasm to get equal rights plus his aggression malcolm X would get stuff done with civil rights. Therefore Malcolm X was one of the most important people in the civil rights movement.

Malcolm X also went to jail. In jail he wasn't miserable in jail he actually learned important stuff in there. For instance while malcolm was in jail he copied a whole dictionary word for word. In the Jail he also read all the books they had in that Jail about Philosophy,Science, Literature,and History. What this shows is that when you go to a bad place it doesn't always mean your going to turn out bad, Malcolm proved that you can do the opposite. Hence all this information you can see Malcolm X achievements in prison.

Malcolm X definitely deserves a statue because of all of his accomplishments. He changed his name from Malcolm little to Malcolm X just because it was his true african name. He was just one of those people that wouldn't give up on anything thats what made him such a great civil rights leader. The thing I admire most about can be described in his quote. “ By any means necessary.”


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