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A statue for Malcolm X

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Malcolm X deserves a statue because he was a courageous black rights upholder.

Malcolm X should be remembered because he was claimed to be one of the greatest and most meaningful African americans in history.  In 1952 he promptly rose to become one of the nation of islam's organization's most influential leader. Also the year of 1955, Malcolm was still pursuing his very extraordinary recruitment of of members of behalf of the nation of islam , when Malcolm X/ Malcolm Little was growing up he overcome a anger for the white americans Klu klux klan terrorists seared his house down then later killed his father. In spite of that Malcolm turned to crime , later being sent to jail. His jail time was said to be a very eye opening experience and he read and educated himself when he was fascinated by his other inmates soon after he converted to islam then building the connection he has for the nation of islam This shows that Malcolm X had a goal he needed and wanted justice for the black man's rights, and that is important because everyone deserves to have a voice but not everyone is strong enough to speak for themselves, Malcolm X gave the black/African American community the power to be heard he fought for them, and spoke for them.Overall, Malcolm x should be remembered for his constant work and pain to help the black community, every black man and woman not being treated equally truly based on there skin color.

Malcolm X supported and spoke for black rights. According to “Malcolm X was a black nationalist leader who served as a spokesman.”  This means that he had a passion, a message that he wanted to get through to change the rights of a black man/ black community. This needs to be remembered because he believed there needed to be a civil rights movement and there was , It takes voices and confidence in what you believe in to make something right. He bettered the world with his beliefs and that should be honored. Therefore Malcolm X should and always be remembered for what he died fighting for. named Malcolm X one of the greatest and influential African Americans in history. “A naturally gifted and inspirational orator. Malcolm X exhorted blacks to cast off the shackles of racism.”   He urged followers to defend themselves against white aggression.  Malcolm X cared, he needed justice against the white americans and he spoke his emotions to crowds of the black community why they deserve and shall get equal rights. In conclusion People need a voice and Malcolm X was there to make sure  they had one.


Malcolm X was self educated and fought for self rights.  According to, “Malcolm X was a fascinating person to approach as an educational thinker - not because he was an academic or had any scholastic achievements but as an example of what can be achieved by someone who engages in ‘homemade’ or self - education.”  “Malcolm went on to become a major figure in the fight against racism in the United States. He became a dynamic spokesman for the Black Muslims. He was feared by many, he was respected by many.” Seeing how much Malcolm achieved from being self educated is inspirational and should be noticed he worked very hard to teach himself and he never stopped once he started he had a goal he had a dream and he couldn’t finish it but that doesn't mean that it should be forgotten or go unnoticed. In conclusion Malcolm X became a very smart man and deserves to be honored.

In conclusion Malcolm X was a hero to the black community. He was their voice, their leader, and their role model.  He spoke words they could never and he died fighting for what he truly believed was right and Malcolm X should and forever be remembered with a statue, without someone to be brave enough to speak up for what's right and convince others to listen and maybe change their minds about how they treat the black man or women nothing will ever change and the world would never better , there would never be any type of peace or fairness without people that will speak up  so you can finally realize that's important, and anyone that could do that should be honored.




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