To remove the restrictions against the sales of Saints Row 4 in Australia

This petition is extremely important to not only the society and gamers of Australia, but to the freedom in which we're promised. As far as we can be told, the reason Saints Row 4 is being restricted access is due to 'Sexual Violence', such we've seen in previous Saints Row games. While these games aren't restricted due to out-dated laws, they're not being restricted actively either. This is unfair, and unjust, for the fact that one new game shouldn't be restricted on the basis of adult content. Moreso, this restricts adults themselves playing games of their own genre, and thus effects their freedom as well. While other games might be too gorey and too inappropriate for Australia, Saints Row 4 is not one of these games. Please sign this petition to ensure that this game is given access to Australia, and we might just get a small amount of our freedom to games once again.

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  • Australian Government Classification Board
    Donald McDonald

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