In With this petition I hope and pray to get my sisters clemency granted .

In With this petition I hope and pray to get my sisters clemency granted .

March 8, 2020
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Started by Bianca King

My sister name is Tamaica Hoskins, She is a 38 year old mother, daughter and sister.She is also a first time non violent,white collar offender serving 12 year sentence in federal prison for identity refund fraud. She is pleading for clemency for her life and a better life for her children and family.Please listen to my sisters story.

She was involved in a identity refund fraud ring in 2015.When it was all said and done she was sentenced to serve 145 months in prison, three years of supervised release.She couldn’t understand or comprehend the sentencing.But based on her lawyers advice if she plead out to a open plea. She would get 7 years but it was enhanced for a supervisor role .She felt as if he didn’t have her best interests at heart.As for her coconspirators was sentenced 6 months with 5 year probation and the other 3 years probation.

She does take responsibility for her actions and her actions only but how was she sentenced as leading a supervisor role? Most of the government's witnesses were my co-defendants who she never seen or talked to before.

She takes responsibility for not seeing the consequences of her actions.She can not take back this mistake but it is one she dreads every day.This consequence took away from her seeing her kids grow up (who were 8 and 14 at the time), not being able to see or spend time with our mom before she passed.She wasn’t able to attend her funeral or tell her good bye.None of this she can take back but she is doing everything in her power to make amends and bring restoration to the past; for her sake, for the sake of her family, especially her babygirl and son.

I remember that first visitation when she was able to touch her children and see me  and my mom ( before she passed) was great.Leaving her there  I never knew it would have been that hard. Before walking to the door we all bursted out in tears because of the realization that she wasn’t going to be able to walk out those doors with us.As the time settled in every call or video visit her baby girl begin to ask when are you coming home mommy. Her response would always be soon baby but her soon wasn’t soon enough.As they got older which they are 12 & 19 now.She thinks the most about the birthdays she has missed, the games ,holidays, vacations and on some days when they needed her the most.But through it all her kids provide her with the strength to keep carrying on.

During her five years of incarceration, She has worked hard to prove to her family,friends and society that she is worthy of a second chance at life.As a result she has gotten her GED, a job and also enrolled in drug classes and also all of classes that they provide her at the FCC Coleman facility.

With that being said Tamaica hoskins is a mother, sister and daughter.She has a family who loves her deeply and just wishes to see her home with her family . We feel as this harsh sentencing wasn’t justifiable.But I can honestly say that this was something that has changed my sister and she has a new aspect on life . I feel as this is her testimony and may be for others .

Please grant Tamaica hoskins clemency.

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Signatures: 1,387Next Goal: 1,500
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