We Must End the Covid-19 Shutdowns and Fully Reopen By June 1 to Save the Country

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In this unprecedented situation regarding the novel corona virus, we cannot collapse the Country.  In times of crisis, millions of even young, healthy Americans have willingly given their lives to protect the country and to protect the American way of life. We can not now collapse the country and destroy the American way of life, even if it means saving lives - that is the opposite of how Americans work. 

In short, in America, we give our lives to save the Country; we do not collapse the country to save lives. 

Additionally, the reality is this virus is not  as deadly as Ebola; it is not even the flu, which affects young and old alike with a viciousness.  Currently, the data shows at least 99.5% of people who are known to have contracted the virus recover.  And that number is even lower than reality, because it does not include the many who either will not get the virus or who have no symptoms or mild symptoms.  Thus, far more than 99.5% of the country will survive the virus.  And, it is only a small segment of the population, the elderly and the compromised, who make up the majority of those who won't, and thus for virtually all who are neither elderly or compromised, they will not succumb to the virus but rather will recover.

On the other hand, millions of Americans already have had their lives permanently ruined by the shutdowns that have occurred.  If these lockdowns continue for even a couple more months, that number jumps to tens of millions; beyond that, hundreds of millions whose lives will never recover. Businesses and individual financial situations that took decades/lifetimes to build will be ruined forever.  And this is not for a small percentage or just a possibility.  It will be inescapable for tens or hundreds of millions of Americans; and indeed, the very country itself, as it amasses debt beyond from which it can recover.

And importantly, these lockdowns are not even a cure.  The second we leave the our homes again, the virus will still be there.  A vaccine, if one can even be made, may be at least 16 months away.  We cannot keep locking down again and again.

Luckily, there are other options that still protect the small group that is vulnerable, such as lockdowns for just the elderly or compromised.  While there of course are anecdotes of younger, healthy people succumbing to this virus, that is always the case even with the flu. The facts is that there is just a specific, small section of the Country that has significant risk from this virus.  To the contrary, the "treatment" of lockdowns, which is not even a "cure," will inescapably and irreversibly harm millions upon millions upon millions.

Therefore, we the undersigned demand and propose:

1) By June 1, 2020 at the latest, America ceases all universal lockdowns.  The young and healthy must be able to return to work if the nation will survive.  In World War II, young and healthy soldier after young and healthy soldier took Nazi bullet after Nazi bullet to preserve the country.  Certainly, the young and healthy can withstand being sick for a few weeks to save ours; and those who may perish will have done so in the great tradition of those who sacrificed before them.

2) States and/or cities/towns can maintain lockdowns that are specifically targeted to highly at-risk groups, such as the elderly or immune compromised.  

3) Those who have reason to or simply are afraid to return to work should not be forced to; they should be permitted to voluntarily stay at home.  This may be single parents or others who just have a different view.  Like with our military, it is voluntary.  We are not at a point where a "draft"-type situation is necessary; we need only enlist the willing at this time.

4) By no later than June 1, 2020, the willing should be allowed to return to full normal life, not just work.  If people are not allowed to return to full, normal lives, then many businesses will still in effect be locked down and fail; and millions upon millions will continue to suffer damage that is not fixable.

5) We should exhaust all resources necessary to protect the small group of the vulnerable, including but not limited to: using the National Guard to ensure they receive food and other services needed; having specific times during which others are not allowed to be out in public, such as between 7:00 - 10:00 am, so that only the vulnerable can have their opportunity to take walks, visit stores, etc.

6) In short, we must stand strongly and bravely together as a nation, sacrificing as necessary to protect the vulnerable, but not giving so far into hysteria and fear that we sacrifice the nation and the future of hundreds of millions of Americans in the process.  

FDR once said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself."  No words are more applicable to this moment.  We should not fear a virus that will not harm most; but we should fear the fear that will harm us all permanently.

Accordingly, we stand together, Democrats, Independents, Republicans - this is not about party or politics.  This is about responding appropriately in an unprecedented time of crisis.  This is a unique pandemic with unique characteristics.  Thus, we must respond to the pandemic before us, which is only a threat to a small, specific group, and not to a phantom pandemic that affects all ages, which is not present.

And beyond all, we must preserve America.  The country must always come first.  Millions upon millions have willingly given their young and healthy lives so that we may have this nation we love.  We cannot now justify sacrificing the country, not for any cost.  I would rather die than let my country fail.  I can - and must - stand with my fellow Americans and return to doing the good work of the nation, without fear, but rather with pride knowing I am being given the greatest gift of all: the chance to risk on behalf of my country.