Demand Lilliana's Return and a Full Investigation of All Corrupt Public Officials Involved

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Several corrupt public officials in Lake County, Ohio violated their oath of office and committed "color of law" violations and other civil rights violations as they assisted in the kidnapping of Lilliana. (we have documented evidence) 

They knowingly, willingly and maliciously ignored the rule of law, violated due process law and took custody away from Lilliana's father, giving custody to a documented abuser. (we have documented evidence) 

They illegally held a trial for custody behind closed doors and did not notify Lilliana's father of the custody trial. Lilliana was abandoned by her mother when she was just 1 year old. Her father and paternal grandmother had been raising her there were no issues, she was safe, healthy happy and loved immensely until this corrupt court in Lake County, Ohio held an illegal trial behind closed doors without notifying Lilliana's father or her grandmother. (we have documented evidence) 

They committed FRAUD by "knowingly" serving notice of the trial for custody, to Lilliana's father at a "wrong" address, which was actually the closed business of the abuser who wanted custody of Lilliana. Lilliana's father never received the notice of trial for custody. (we have documented evidence) 

They committed FRAUD by "lying" about personally serving Lilliana's father with notice of the trial. He was not personally served. (we have documented evidence) 

They committed FRAUD when they failed to notify Lilliana's paternal grandmother, when they had her information and address provided to them from the onset of these proceedings. They knew that Lilliana's grandmother had physical custody of her. They had the address provided to them yet they chose not to notify her of the proceedings for custody of Lilliana. (we have documented evidence) 

These corrupt public officials had documented evidence as well as witness testimony which showed, that Lilliana was being abused "after" custody was given to John Vitantonio SR and Julie Freeman Vitantonio, yet they ignored all the evidence of abuse. (we have documented evidence) 

To this day, they continue to leave her in the home of her abusers, causing Lilliana more harm as each day passes. 

There was absolutely NO reason to ever have removed Lilliana from the home of her paternal grandmother and from the custody of her own father. This was all done behind closed doors to provide John Vitantonio SR and Julie Freeman Vitantonio with the child they could never have conceived on their own. 

Lake County, Ohio Juvenile Court: Judge Karen Lawson, Magistrate Janette Bell, Attorney (now judge) Paul Malchesky and Attorney Rebecca Castell all played a part in the corruption that illegally removed Lilliana from her loving home. They are ALL aware of the abuse Lilliana has suffered, since they illegally took custody away from us and gave her to a documented abuser. They all failed to report the abuse to authorities and have allowed the abuse to continue. 

Lilliana misses her father and longs to be with him and her new baby sister, she misses her family desperately. Lake County, Ohio corrupt officials have destroyed this child's mental state and destroyed her family with the FRAUD they have allowed to run through their Juvenile Court.  

The Federal Bureau of Investigations is also involved as they failed to conduct an investigation into this crime. The FBI's Civil Rights program includes their duty to investigate Color of Law violations. When the FBI made a decision not to investigate, we requested the records from our complaint to them. In those records, the FBI stated that my son, Lilliana's father was not served with notice of the 08-03-2015 trial for custody of his daughter. The FBI then stated that the trial was held and custody was given to John Vitantonio SR and Julie Freeman Vitantonio. 

The FBI then stated that they found no corruption had taken place, so they would not be investigating. Lake County public officials never notified Lilliana's father of the trial for her custody and the court held the trial anyways, behind closed doors and gave custody of Lilliana away, without a parent being there and without anyone appointed to represent Lilliana. This is clearly a civil rights violation committed by public officials acting under color of law, so the FBI had a DUTY to investigate this crime, yet they covered it up. (we have documented evidence) 

We demand a full investigation into "everyone" involved in this crime and demand the return of Lilliana "immediately" to save her from further harm and even possible death! 

You can watch the 01/03/2020 Live interview on Northwest Liberty News by clicking on the link below: 

About the Kidnapping of Lilliana with Assistance from Corrupt Lake County Ohio Public Officials