Urge the Trump Administration to issue a national Shelter-in-Place order STAT.

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The COVID-19 pandemic wave is about to hit the United States - and our healthcare system is not prepared. As a nation, we must act swiftly and aggressively to give our healthcare workers a fighting chance. By issuing an immediate shelter-in-place order for the nation, President Trump can save thousands - if not millions - of American lives.

Social distancing was a step in the right direction, but it is not enough. We are long past "stay inside when you can" and "wash your hands." As long as people are congregating - even in small numbers, the virus has opportunity to spread. By issuing a shelter-in-place order for the country, we block the virus' path. It has nowhere to go. We win. 

Nurses, physicians, and other healthcare workers across the country know the dangers of inaction. Already, hospitals are low on Personal Protective Equipment. There simply are not enough hospital beds for the projected amount of patients we will see suffering from COVID-19. If the virus continues to grow at projected rates, it is only weeks - maybe days - until our healthcare system is overwhelmed. And when our healthcare system fails, we all fail. By "flattening the curve", we buy ourselves time and resources. A shelter-in-place order is our best chance. For the health, safety, and security of our nation, we need swift action from the Trump administration.

President Trump, your nation needs you. Issue a national shelter-in-place order NOW.