U​.​S. Citizenship granted by Presidential Order

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I sent an email to The White house to respectfully request a meeting with the president to obtain a U.S. Presidential Order for U.S. Citizenship and Reversal for the adoption of my 3 sons.

I received an email back from The White house on President's Day saying that they are reviewing my email carefully. I wanted to outline the purpose of meeting with the president.

At first I believed all the lies from the fake news. But now I see that the Trump administration is an administration of righteousness. I do agree with many decisions that have been made by the Trump administration.

I am also respectfully requesting compensation from Sacramento County Child Protective services and Sacramento County Police.

I am respectfully requesting to meet with the Trump Administration to please grant me 

1) U.S. Citizenship

Reasons why:

I have been approved for my  Vawa petition and although I am now waiting for my permanent resident card and my green card. This isn't adequate for me.  I would like U.S. citizenship because I would like to have the right to vote . Only with U.S. Citizenship you can receive such a privilege. After receiving my green card I would be required to wait 5 years until I can be approved for U.S. Citizenship. This isn't fair. I stayed here in the U.S. illegally and sacrificed my life in order to make sure I can one day be reunited with my sons again. I have been homeless and hungry, raped and denied a rape kit. The love of a mother does not recognize any borders. Since I have been out of Canada for so long I would have to reinstate my Canadian citizenship. After I maintain my U.S. Citizenship I will be handing in my Canadian passport to the Canadian Embassy since they were of no service to me and my sons claiming they can't intervene in American Legal Proceedings while I was dealing with CPS court. I have no country to be deported to. America has been my home since 2013 even though I suffered so much. I can't see myself leaving. If I leave then I must leave with my sons.

I also have many business ideas that I would like to accomplish. I would love to be a U.S. Citizen in order to proceed comfortably in all my business ideas.

A list of my business ideas:

Christian Hip hop/Worship Album

Write books 

Write a couple of scripts

Develop clothing lines. (I started one on Teespring as an example of what I am capable of since Immigration is now focused on a merit system) .

Check out The Alpha Baby Store.


Become an actress for comedy films, Pureflix films and Tyler Perry movies.

Create an Apostolic Pentecostal 12 step program and ensure that all Christians going through this program will feel the liberty of partaking in apostolic worship with the freedom of speaking in tongues and worshiping God in spirit and truth. Many 12 step programs are in mega churches that are not preaching true doctrine with no presence of God.

I will also build shelters and safe houses all across the U.S. for survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence for women and their children in order to help clean up the homeless issue in the U.S.

A cleaning business company in California.


2) Reversal of the adoption of my three sons

Reasons why:

The Reversal of the adoption of my sons is very important to me. I stayed here illegally in the U.S. in order to become legal to fight the court to reverse the adoption of my sons. My sons are absolutely precious and deserve to be with the mother who gave birth to them. I have not suffered here in the U.S. in vain. I suffered here with a purpose and that is to be reunited with my sons.

I was abused and lied about in CPS court. Also, CPS was corrupt and said that my oldest son was a permanent resident which was not true. And the CPS Judge said that she was terminating my parental rights because my son was special needs. But for 7 years before he was removed I dealt with all of his special needs and took him to Grand view in Canada, Allergist, I ensured to pick up his medicine, I took him to doctor's when he was sick, I also took him to different play groups. Most importantly I took my oldest son to church and it kills me inside that the foster parents don't do that. To teach your children about Jesus is the most important and valuable thing that a parent could ever do since it leaves an everlasting impression.

My oldest son is still undocumented and the foster parents are having problems getting him his immigration dealt with. Why CPS didn't help them I don't know. I thought that CPS filed DACA for my oldest son. And unfortunately my oldest son is undocumented and the corruption of CPS in Sacramento is very sad. I also respectfully ask that my oldest son also obtains U.S. citizenship as well.


3) Compensation from government agencies:

I am requesting Compensation from Sacramento County CPS for:

Emotional distress
lying about me in court
lied about relative placement
lied about my sons immigration status in order to adopt him out
I want both courtrooms involved in my 3 sons CPS case prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
CPS worker protected foster parents negligence of picking up my sons medicine at the pharmacy
CPS worker ignored my children's being and safety. concerns of neglect. in winter my sons did not wear jackets to visits. also one of my sons always had a yeast infection for 2 years straight.
CPS worker and her supervisor denied a rape kit for my sons when I suspected possible sexual abuse when my oldest son kept bleeding when using the bathroom. The CPS workers supervisor said that a rape kit would cause them more trauma. They were protecting A Sacramento County Foster home.
My sons were adopted out to alcoholics and my ex husband was court to participate in drug court over marijuana use and alcohol consumption. The foster parents are Mexican and I have proof of them being heavy drinkers and participating in the use of the gateway drug marijuana.
CPS neglected my son's allergies. My oldest son is allergic to dogs and CPS did not care that the foster home that they were in had animals and drunks living there.
CPS was insensitive to me in court and I want my justice

I also need compensation from Sacramento County Police:


Dropped myself and my 6 year old son at a safe way parking lot when I was fleeing the trafficking situation. The officer was a very awful person and said he wasn't a taxi. We missed our flight back to Canada which my older sister paid for because of that officer. I don't understand why that officer didn't at least help my son. That officer said that it was a civil matter and that it didn't matter.


Denied a rape kit and Sac police lied saying they gave me one. My OBGYN helped me with my rape kit not them. Sac Police was very inappropriate. When I was first making the report one of the officers said we can't help you because of your citizenship status.  I am a human being. I might have an alien Id # but I have value as well. Even the detective was insensitive towards me.


I Just found out that the police report I made at Opening doors in Sacramento with a human trafficking detective was never filed because he thought it wasn't criminal. The human trafficking detective broke his promise about me having a pre-texted phone call. This alone makes me feel like I could never trust the Sacramento County Police.

My then 6 year old son and I being harbored in different locations in California and me being forced to do very gross things is criminal to me.

I want my justice from the Sacramento County police. The least they could have done was take my son to safety.

I plan to use my voice when I meet with The President:

I would like to also bring my concerns and advocate for the unheard voices in America. 

I also will give my deepest desires for justice. To see stricter laws created in order to prevent Child Protective Services in every state in The U.S. from adopting out children that are undocumented. Also, prevent CPS Judges court ordering undocumented parents to stay in the U.S. to fight for their kids. This law will prevent overpopulation of undocumented parents residing in the U.S. for the matter of child welfare proceedings and the prevention of overpopulation of illegal children in The child welfare system. In these child welfare cases both the parents and children must be deported back to their own countries of origin and the child welfare system there must deal with these matters. It is not The United States responsibility to overpopulate this country with undocumented children.

I would also like to advocate for survivors of human trafficking applying for the T-Visa (Trafficking) Visa. My hope is that victims will become treated as victims. Prostitution must be legalized in the U.S. in order to protect victims from being criminally prosecuted when a crime has been committed against them. All traffickers, pimps, all men involved in trafficking women and children must have harsher punishment. Trafficking can lead to long term trauma. The legalization of prostitution will only be in affect for women pending The T-Visa. As for other cases of women willingly prostituting themselves and exotic dancers must have thorough investigation to determine whether or not they qualify to be exempt from being criminally prosecuted for prostitution. In order to protect all young individuals under the age of 21 all trafficking and prostitution activity being participated by minors must have harsher penalties for all traffickers, pimps involved.

Thank you for reading my petition.

This is the verse that gives me the hope and strength to keep having faith in My dream of being granted U.S. Citizenship by Presidential Order.

 2 Samuel 22:30-33

“For You are my lamp, O Lord;

The Lord shall enlighten my darkness.


For by You I can run against a troop;

By my God I can leap over a wall.


As for God, His way is perfect;

The word of the Lord is proven;

He is a shield to all who trust in Him.


“For who is God, except the Lord?

And who is a rock, except our God?


God is my strength and power,

And He makes my way perfect.

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