U​nited States: FEDERALLY legalize marijuana for recreational use!

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Our mission statement at G9 Three, Inc., summarized, is a very broad one. We want to help the world (universe) become more spiritual. One of our first goals we established as a nonprofit organization was that we want to help make change on this planet in many different aspects, including helping a certain law get passed that could/will not only lower the number of opioid addiction/abuse cases, but also lower suicide rates (depression & anxiety), help relieve pain (especially in cancer patients), & possibly even assist in the fight for a cure for cancer (See: cannabidiol/CBD), among numerous other positive benefits.

Please join us in attempting to get marijuana federally (nationally) legalized for recreational use in the United States (& eventually, the world! ☺️).

Thank you for your time & support,

Diamond Justice

G9 Three