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TRUMP - Show Us Your Tax Returns!

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Donald Trump STILL refuses to release his tax returns, claiming that “there’s nothing to learn from them.” and "they are under audit". But WE THE PEOPLE think there is something fishy here.

The IRS has stated that "The requirement for mandatory audits of the tax returns of the president and vice president dates back to the Watergate era in the 1970s,” but that hasn't stopped EVERY PRESIDENT SINCE RICHARD NIXON from releasing their returns. The IRS has also said there is nothing stopping him from releasing those returns.


Republicans and Democrats must come together and hold this guy accountable for running our country. This is not a partisan issue. You may think this guy walks on orange flavored water or that he's been hit by the evil stick one to many times. Either way, he's hiding something! Remember the guy who said "Let's drain the SWAMP". Well, let's start at the tippy top and see what the president has been hiding up his sleeves. 

Trump just stated that nobody cares about whats in his tax returns. He thinks now that he won the election, he is free and should no longer be under the microscope.


Let's show President Trump that he is still accountable to the American people! We are demanding Donald Trump release his tax returns dating back at least five years. He wants to conduct the people’s business from the highest office in the land -- so we deserve to see how he’s conducted his private business too. Has he been doing business with Russia? Who is this guy from Dubai that just offered him a 2 million dollar deal? There are so many questions that he could put to rest. 

Listen, Trump does things his own way. He will probably not show us his tax returns. BUT HE CAN NOT TELL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE THAT WE DONT CARE!



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