President Trump: Fight for Monthly Stimulus Payments and be a Hero to the People

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People in the United States are facing unprecedented financial hardship during the health and economic crisis that Coronavirus has created.

And it's about to get worse. Millions who received much needed support as part of the CARES stimulus package will see an end to that in the next two weeks. And those who were left out of the first stimulus will continue to struggle. Food banks cannot keep up with the needs of their communities. Millions are facing eviction notices in August. With the steadily rising numbers of COVID across the country, a return of jobs feels farther and farther away. The economic crisis could get worse before it gets better.

But there's a chance to make things better! And President Trump, you can help.

Mitch McConnell and Republican leadership are writing the next stimulus package RIGHT NOW! They can include Monthly Stimulus Payments to the People during the pandemic as part of this legislation.

President Trump - use your influence and power and BE A HERO TO THE PEOPLE by challenging the Senate to include more than one payment in the next stimulus package. You want to be able to tell your constituents that you fought hard for them during this very difficult time and were willing to use your authority and power to help the millions of people whom you lead. 

President Trump: Tell Mitch McConnell, Congressional leadership, and the press that your top priority right now is ensuring that monthly payments to the people are included in the current stimulus legislation.