Trump: Attend a Climate Reality Leader Training

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President Donald J. Trump:

Please attend the free 3-Day Climate Reality Leadership training with Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project. 

Climate change is THE most important issue of our time. By attending this training, you'll learn the difference between climate and weather and the basics of how burning fossil fuels adds to global warming. 

You'll also meet people from around the world that are making a positive impact in their communities. Discover the solutions we already have on hand.

If you decide to become a Climate Reality Leader, you can be that person that actually saves the world. If you don't, mankind and thousands of plant and animal species will suffer because of your lack of knowledge. 

Al Gore has been fighting tirelessly to explain the science and impacts. The three questions are: Must We Act, Can We Act and Will We Act. As a powerful world leader, your decision will ripple across all of history on planet earth. 

You value your reputation as a good businessman. Climate change is a huge risk to the financial stability of the United States, as well as for economies around the world.

There are so many reasons to act and no good reason not to act.

Please attend a 3-Day Climate Reality Leader training: 

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The President of the United States does not understand or accept the basics of THE most important issue of our times. Sign the petition to request that President Trump attend a free 3-day training with Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project. 

During a trip to the United Kingdom in June 2019, President Donald Trump once again expressed skepticism about climate change, making several false or misleading statements in a television interview on “Good Morning Britain” with host Piers Morgan.

Prince Charles spent 1.5 hours talking with the President about Climate Change, yet he still made false statements showing that he does not understand the most basic information about climate change and the devastating impacts to the economies, wellbeing and future prospects for all of us on planet earth.

Trump also provided false statements about the U.S. role in the global climate crisis, downplaying our fossil fuel emissions and overstating the state of our air, water and environmental protections. 


Sign the petition and share it to demand that President Donald J. Trump learn the basics in order to protect the future of life on earth.