The return of American Freedom

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We the people of the United States of America will no longer sit by and watch as our city's are rioted and attacked by those claiming to want peace yet bringing destruction. And watch our whole world be turned upside down because of a virus with cold like symptoms and the very wrong actions of a police officer who does not stand for an entire nation. We the people will no longer stand by while corrupt politicians who have never worked a hard day in their lives force rules and regulations on our communities that we did not ask for. And not just conform to the emotions of the world around us and blindly ignore the facts. Refusing to be in a society any longer that says "Someone somewhere is offended by your southern heritage and your flag so now it can no longer exist." Where is the American spirit? Where are the Americans that raised up their muskets and said to the British, we have had enough of you and your unfair taxes and tyranny and we will risk our lives to make this nation our own. Where are the Americans that traveled across the globe to fight the tyranny of the Japanese and Nazi's and ensure that their communist and socialist views would not take over our way of life and that freedom would always be! Please give back the America we love and long to have returned or We the American people will take whatever action necessary to do so.