The People of Ethiopia Request the US Government to Provide Security Details for Jawar M.

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Dear Madams/ Sirs,

Jawar Mohammed is a US-educated scholar, renowned political analyst, the most influential activist, and leader of a non-violent civil struggle. He is the champion of freedom, equality, and social justice. He is a charismatic, selfless, and dedicated leader who has sacrificed a lot to realize freedom and democracy for the whole oppressed Ethiopian people. He is currently known as the father of Contemporary Ethiopia.

He has managed to force the cruellest dictatorial regime of TPLF to surrender and forced the former Ethiopian PM to resign. He played the most decisive role in the realization of Abiy Ahmed Premiership. He has the support of all nations, nationalities, and peoples of Ethiopia; Oromo, Amhara, Tigre, Sidama, Afar, Siltie, Kimant and Argoba being his ardent supporters. All nations of Ethiopia feel that they are eternally indebted to him. Jawar’s supporters are not limited to one ethnic or religious group. He, fascinatingly, transcends ethnicity and religion. Religion and Ethnicity are not barriers to support him because he is the most liberal and non-partisan activist in Ethiopia. He is loved and admired by all religious followers Christians, Muslims, etc., across Ethiopia and beyond. Only certain supremacist, exploitive and nostalgic groups, commonly known as “Neftegnas” hate him unreasonably to their death. This “Neftegna” group wants to revive the privilege and supremacy that they had enjoyed under the past exploitive regimes of Menilik and his predecessors and successors as Ambassador Herman Cohen rightly pointed out on his Twitter.

Jawar left the most comfortable and joyful life in the US and dedicated his life for the oppressed Ethiopian people. Now, risking his life, he lives with us under every form of hardships. Who would do that?

Jawar is currently facing a threat to his life from the government of Abiy. Abiy fears that he will not be able to withstand Jawar in the coming election and that he will lose the election to him. Abiy’s fear is justifiable as Jawar has the support of almost the 2/3 of Ethiopian peoples. In the midnight of October 23, 2019, the government of Abiy tried to remove his security details to have him killed by the aforementioned Neftegna gangsters living in his neighbourhood. The Ethiopian People, particularly the Oromos, angered by such treacherous move of Abiy, massively, went to the street furiously and condemned such heinous act. Currently, 67 peoples are killed and tens of thousands are arrested massively amongst the people who took to the street to show their allegiance to Jawar. Think of what would have happened if Abiy government had succeeded and killed him in this fragile country prone to the civil war. That would have been the official end of Ethiopia. Ethiopia would have become another Syria, another Yemen, and another Libya. The US government does not want another Syria. Thanks to God that did not transpire. Despite the betrayal of Abiy government, Jawar asked the angered people of Ethiopia to calm down to save Ethiopia, a country that is on the edge of collapse.

As a strong Ethiopian ally and Peace-loving state, the US government should critically assess this terrifying situation and take serious measures. First, the US government should investigate into the matter and identity who coordinated such disastrous attempt of assassination of Jawar and why. Then, make them responsible for it. And most importantly, the US government should provide security details for Jawar to avoid the possible assassination attempt on him in the near future. Otherwise, it could potentially lead to the falling apart of Ethiopia. 


The Peace-loving People of Ethiopia