The Islamic Republic of Iran and its affiliated parties have no legitimacy

The Islamic Republic of Iran and its affiliated parties have no legitimacy

August 1, 2020
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President Donald J. Trump
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Started by Farrokh

Dear Mr. President Donald J. Trump,

The Islamic Republic of Iran has never had legitimacy since the beginning of its dictatorship. The Iranians have already rejected the regime and are ready for a new democratic leadership.

According to the February 2020 parliamentary election the Mullahs' regime could not get the majority of the voters. We are sure that the majority of Iranians will not participate in future elections in Iran also. This regime has not any legitimacy and we ask you to confirm that the regime of Mullahs doesn't represent the Iranians public. We strongly need your support and the international community, otherwise it will be a high loss of life consequences of the Iranians.

The Iranian constitutional Party (Liberal Democrat), has sent a letter to Joe Biden, dated on July, 13th. Regardless of the contents of the letter, the Iranians in Iran and abroad are completely against this letter. We strongly emphasize that the letter sent to Joe Biden is not our choice. The Iranian constitutional Party (Liberal Democrat), doesn't represent Iranians and has no legitimacy.

The only person who represents the Iranians is Prince Reza Pahlavi.

According to the past historical relationship between the United States of America and Iran, we never had any problem and always had respect for you and the flag of the United States.

The former President Barack Hussein Obama also supported the regime of Mullahs and Khamenei in 2009, so we don't absolutely trust the American hypocrite Democrats Party anymore!

We believe that the only person who considers the enforcement of human rights in Iran is Mr. President Donald J. Trump.

Dear president we are very thankful for your empathy and do appreciate all you have done, especially your support of oppositions against the execution of three young Iranians by writing in Farsi on Twitter.

Moreover we would like to emphasize that the majority of the Iranians are waiting for the return of The Prince Reza Pahlavi. We are sure that by choosing the parliamentary monarchy the United States and Iran can be very good allies in future.

Finally we assure you that Iranians will support your policy against the Mullahs' regime in your next presidency. We are sure you will win the next election. God bless you! God bless the United States of America. We wish worldwide peace and we are going to work on it.

Yours sincerely,
The patriot Iranians around the world


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Signatures: 334Next Goal: 500
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