The George Floyd Act

The George Floyd Act

June 2, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sasha H

On Monday, May 25, 2020, a store clerk of an Arab-American owned store called 911 for what he suspected to be a counterfeit $20 bill. The Minneapolis Police Department arrived on scene and 6 minutes into the arrest, George Floyd was placed into the back of a police vehicle (Hill et al). Of the three squad cars on the scene, Officer Derek Chauvin and Officer Tuo Thao were the last officers to arrive. We don’t know what prompted this, but when the last two officers arrived on scene, Floyd was removed from the police vehicle and taken down to the ground where he was pinned facedown. George Floyd was pinned facedown on the ground, in handcuffs, by a white police officer, Derek Chauvin, who pressed his knee against Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Simultaneously, Officer J. Alexander Kueng had his knee on Floyd’s torso, Officer Thomas Lane had his knee on Floyd’s legs, while Officer Tou Thao watched and guarded their actions from onlookers. Within less than 5 minutes of being pinned to the ground, with three officers pressing their knees into his back, Floyd screamed, “I can’t breathe,” AT LEAST 16 times (Hill et al).

None of the officers retreated. None of the officers rendered aid. None of the officers checked Floyd’s breathing. None of the officers cared. In fact, on the video footage Officer Chauvin can be seen resting his knee on Floyd’s neck with his hands in his pocket.

As all this is going on, innocent bystanders began to film the incident and plead with Officer Chauvin to release his knee off of Floyd’s neck. Although police called for medical help, a “Code 3,” all three continued to rest their body weight on Floyd, including Officer Chauvin’s knee being rested on Floyd’s neck.

Even when Floyd’s eyes closed and his body weakened as he appeared to go unconscious, Officer Chauvin CONTINUED to rest his left knee on Floyd’s neck (Hill et al). NOT ONE of the other police officers stopped this, rendered aid, or policed their fellow officers.

Bystanders could do nothing, but film as they were threatened with mace by Officer Chauvin. Bystanders continued to plead with police officers to check Floyd’s breathing, render aid, and take their knees off of him.

Not one of the four officers on scene rendered aid in any way to Floyd. NONE OF THEM!

When the EMT arrived, they immediately checked Floyd’s pulse, as Officer Chauvin remained on Floyd’s neck. Officer Chauvin only lifted his knee when told to by the EMT (Hill et al).

All four officers have since been fired. Derek Chauvin was charged with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter, but THIS IS NOT ENOUGH! We must hold the police to the same standard as they hold the people. It is time for accountability, amongst ALL PARTIES INVOLVED.

Unfortunately, this kind of treatment by the police is all too common in the Black communities. WE as people cannot continue to let this police brutality go on any longer. This is not the first time someone has been senselessly murdered by the police, but TOGETHER we can push to make it the last time. Now more than ever is the time to unite to protect our country, our civil rights and human rights. We must demand that state, local, and national leaders take every measure possible to stop the murders of Black people EVERYWHERE.

The police need policing! America is a country that is a democracy, and it is time for the people to take back our power. We must demand a SYSTEMIC CHANGE.

I present to you The George Floyd Act. This act will call to allow any person or persons who witness a police officer abusing their power to step in and protect the victim. This will ensure that we as a people no longer have to stand by and watch our brothers and sisters to be senselessly murdered by the hands of the police. We will no longer have to sit back and hope that our videos will suffice as evidence in a conviction. We can take ACTION. We MUST take action.

This is not just the fight of Black people, but the fight of ALL PEOPLE. This petition will require all hands on deck to win this fight that we’ve been fighting for what feels like FOREVER. It is time for a SHIFT. If we don’t practice being consistent, persistent and united we ALL will lose this fight. My children, your children, and their children around the world, for years to come will grow up in this unjust environment. It is up to us to change the narrative.



George Floyd - Emmett Till - Kendra James - James Perez - Quanice Hayes - Trayvon Martin - Ahmaud Arbery - Mike Brown - Tamir Rice - Eric Garner - Freddie Gray - Sandra Bland - Philando Castile - Alton Sterling - Walter Scott - Deonte Keller - Oscar Grant - Sean Bell - Terence Crutcher - Samuel DuBose - Jamar Clark - Akai Gurley - Ezell Ford - Dontre Hamilton - Jerame Reid - Antonio Martin - Jeremy McDole - William Chapman II - Anthony Hill - Meagan Hockaday - Tony Robinson - John Crawford III - Eric Harris - Keith Childress Jr - Bettie Jones - Kevin Matthews - Michael Noel - Leroy Browning - Miguel Espinal - Nathaniel Pickett - Keith McLeod - Felix Kumi - Christian Taylor - Darrius Stewart - Jonathan Sanders - Brendon Glenn - Brandon Jones - Stephon Clark - Terrance Franklin - Miles Hall - William Green - Samuel David Mallard - Botham Jean - E.J. Bradford - Sean Reed - Ariane McCree - Darius Tarver - Kwame Jones - De’von Bailey - Christopher Whitfield - Eric Logan - Jamarion Robinson - Gregory Hill Jr - JaQuavion Slaton - Ryan Twyman - Brandon Webber - Jimmy Atchison - Willie McCoy - D’ettrick Griffin - Jemel Roberson - DeAndre Ballard - Robert White - Anthony Lamar Smith - Ramarley Graham - Manuel Loggins Jr - Wendell Allen - Kendrec McDade - Larry Eugene Jackson Jr - Jonathan Ferrell - Jordan Baker - Victor White - Dante Parker - Kajieme Powell - Laquan McDonald - Rumain Brisbon - Mario Woods - Quintonio LeGrier - Gregory Gunn - Akiel Denkins - Terrence Sterling - Keith Scott - Alfred Olango - Jordan Edwards - Danny Ray Thomas - DeJuan Guillory - Patrick Harmon - Jonathan Hart - Maurice Granton - Julius Johnson - Jamee Johnson - Michael Dean - Sylville Smith - Breonna Taylor - Tyeisha Miller - David “BBQ Man” McAtee - and all our fallen brothers and sisters not mentioned.




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Call DA Mike Freeman in Minnesota (612) 348-5550 and demand prosecution to:
Derek Chauvin (Badge #1087) and Tou Thoa (Badge #7162)

Text FLOYD to 55-156

Text JUSTICE to 66-8336

Text ENOUGH to 55-165

Leave a message for Louisville Mayor and demand justice for Breonna Taylor
(502) 574-2003



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Signatures: 4,628Next Goal: 5,000
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