Tell Congress: Climate Change is an EMERGENCY

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Climate change on the planet can be brought about by different exercises. At the point when environmental change happens; temperatures can expand drastically. At the point when the temperature rises, a wide range of changes can happen on Earth. For instance, it can result in more floods, dry seasons, or serious downpour, just as progressively visit and extreme warm waves. Seas and ice sheets have additionally encountered a few changes: seas are warming and ending up progressively acidic, icy masses are liquefying, and ocean levels are rising. As these progressions much of the time happen in future decades, they will probably introduce difficulties to our general public and condition.

Scientists at the United Nations argue that the world has just over a decade to tackle climate change. Now, we need to move. The House passed legislation to combat climate change for the first time in a decade and created a Select Committee on the Climate Crisis. 

Several presidential candidates call climate change a "crisis" and an "emergency" with more than a dozen supporters of a Democratic climate change debate and a Green New Deal championing. 

This is our chance to send a message to Donald Trump, any Republican challenging the science and reality of climate change, and the whole world: We MUST step up to act because it's an existential threat, a national emergency, and we're running out of time! 

ADD YOUR NAME: I believe that climate change is a planetary crisis and that Congress must declare it an emergency.