STOP Tobacco 21

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Congress has passed a provision that will ban the sale of tobacco and related products to anybody under the age of 21. If this is signed into law, you will not be able to purchase: vapes, vape juice, pods, cigarettes, pipes, rolling papers, or ANY smoking products.

The issue is not with increasing the age of purchase to 21 for the sake of a healthier youth, but with the freedoms that will be stripped away from the 18 to 20 year olds of our nation. How can the US allow 18-20 year olds the right to use an addictive substance and then take it away from them? 

This is wrong. 

There was never an opportunity for the citizens to vote to decide the legal age to purchase tobacco products. There certainly was no vote by 18-20 year olds, which this will predominantly affect. Not one of the people who actually got to decide this will be negatively affected or have their freedoms taken from them. 

Why are the 18-20 year olds not represented?

How are 18-20 year olds allowed to work 40 hours a week, but not make decisions regarding tobacco?

How can an 18-20 year old be adult enough to make the decision to join the military but is not considered adult enough to decide to use tobacco products?

Most importantly, how can a government deem it legal to purchase an addictive product, and then make it illegal, leaving 12 million people caught in the middle?

A solution to this could be “grandfathering in” anybody who turned 18 before the bill is signed into law. In this situation, peoples under 18 at the moment this becomes law, would be not be allowed to purchase tobacco products until the age of 21. Anyone who turned 18 when it is legal to purchase tobacco will not be affected and their freedoms will not be taken without their representation. It would be as simple as “Anyone who turned 18 before MM/DD/YY (date the bill becomes law) retain their right to the purchase of tobacco products. 

Take a stand for the 18-20 year olds who may get their right to purchase tobacco stripped from them. 

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Thank you. 


               Samantha cooper-szlavich

it’s unfair for the government to take away something that 1) we had to say in no one to stand up for us 2) nicotine is not something that makes you impaired or alters you in any way except an addiction , it’s not fair that we are targeted to the whole vaping academic even tho we are not the problem