Stop the deepening political divide in America

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Y. Miller
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        The deep divide between the two mainstream political parties in America today has reached a crescendo. Friends, relatives, coworkers, and classmates have been ripped apart and thrust into the melee, leaving behind all they hold dear. Our disproportional focus on the marginal issues that divide us consistently manages to overshadow the closely held values we all agree upon and treasure. The madness needs to stop!

        Friends, Americans, Republicans, Democrats, Independents: We need to make it end. To prevent our country from getting pulled apart at its seams, we need to acknowledge all that has made America the wonderful bastion of democracy it has been for centuries, the ultimate pioneer in social and economic justice and opportunity we have purported and managed to be. We need to reach across the proverbial aisle, unite, hold hands, and celebrate the principles and truths we all hold to be self evident and dear.

       We all know this to be true- there is so much more that can unite us than divide us. Delete that nasty tweet, refrain from shooting off that malicious post, hold back from all those mean and condescending comments we've been making. Let's take a step back this holiday season and recommit to seeking peace, prosperity, social justice, and a safe and loving haven for all in our country; to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness reclaiming their roles as our true priority once more.

       Thank you. I love you all. G-d bless you all, and G-d bless the United States Of America.