Stop School Shootings

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We need to stop school shootings. We can achieve this by having more regulations on gun use, gun sales, and ammunition sales. Reading about school shootings (For Example, makes me sad. People simply talk about it on social media, but how does talk help? We need to take action. By signing this petition, you are joining a movement to stop school shootings, making our schools safer. Remember, these students are our future. We need to protect them. Sign this petition today!

I have decided to start this petition after I read multiple articles about previous school shootings. I searched and found that no other petitions have been started about this general issue. There are many specific petitions, but those are targeted towards a certain region only and not toward all schools of the nation. School shootings are a serious threat to schools, and they need to be stopped. The US government needs to start making changes today!

Support this cause. Doing so will benefit you, no matter what your identity is. Be it a parent, teacher, or student, stopping school shootings will help you in the long run. Parents can stop fretting about their child's safety. Teachers need not worry about their students. Students no longer need to skip school to stay safe. Overall, stopping school shootings will benefit all.