Stop Prejudice Policing in America

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Help us further this cause! End Prejudice Policing in America

Thanks for adding your signature to further our cause in ending the Prejudice police practices that have haunted the black communities for generations. We currently have 650 signatures! We’re 350 signatures from reaching 1000k! That’s a heck of a milestone in 4 days, I thank each and everyone of you who took the time to sign this cause. The work is far from over we need more signatures, more sharing of this petition to really make a change to end this horrible practice in America. We will begin emailing state legislators our letter in order to push this into law across the country. We need you guys more than ever to help us get as many signatures as possible to be heard! If you haven’t done so, please share this petition with family, friends, and groups interested in helping to make this change in policing nationwide.

End Prejudice Policing in America
1 year ago