Stop Prejudice Policing in America

Stop Prejudice Policing in America

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The black community knows all to well about the racist roots of policing in America. This organization throughout every America city has systematically targeted black people whether the persons were innocent, guilty, involved, or not. The treatment of our communities with a racial prejudicialness by the police is not some new movement. But in fact, have been something black people of all ages young and old have dealt since law enforcement was created in America. That familiar anxiousness blacks can describe having when they are stopped or approached by police. 

Our communities are aggressively policed, our rights consistently stripped away. Innocent people’s lives being affected by the hands of a cop, with a chip on his shoulder because he views black people a certain way. These crimes that are committed against unarmed individuals are instigated by cops infringing upon the rights of African Americans and our resistant to that. We have seen time and time again that some officers follow a certain “culture” that has its roots in racism and prejudicialness. This “culture” in turn makes it a practice to dehumanizes people of color when dealing with law enforcement any where we go! One of American law’s most scared principle is “guilty until proven innocent” That phrase to black America from our babies to older black people is a gross hypocrisy that doesn’t apply. We are systematically targeted by police even in our own neighborhoods. 

We will no longer let the United States government let our people be innocently slaughtered by white supremacy with a badge and gun. We will no longer just protest and stand by while our people are 3x more likely to be killed by police than a non black person. Why are we seen as a threat in the eyes of the law even when we aren’t doing anything threatening; we are targeted simply for being black. These crimes that are committed against unarmed individuals are instigated by cops infringing upon the rights of African Americans and our resistant to that. 

This is election year for us here in the United States and we want real change for our votes! We want to know the America government will put plans in motion (plans discussed with we the people) about how this problem should be stopped. We want police officers who take the oath of the badge and shield to be held accountable by the same laws they are charged to enforce. We want these police officers to have proper  cultural, racial, diversification training to have better on the job interactions with the people they police. We want these officers required to do volunteer work in the communities they serve. 

We will be contacting different news media sources like CNN, NY Times, Washington Post that might be interested in helping to further our cause. We will be sending this as an email to every legislator on a local, state, and federal level to let them know we will not remain quiet about this problem. We urge every person reading to sign this petition  this sign to help send a strong message to our current and future government, that we want laws put in place to ensure the safety of African Americans where interacting with law enforcement.