Stop Judge from allowing child molester supervised visitation with minor children

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Alabama Judge to allow child molester to have supervised visitation with minor children, including the 9 yr. old that disclosed he molested her. 

The Georgia resident and father picked up his minor daughters, from their mother; his ex-wife, on April 5th 2019.  At the time the girls were ages 7 and 8.  The father then discovers sexually inappropriate videos on the then 8 year old child's cellphone. The 8 year old child; who really isn't old, nor responsible, enough to have the cell phone that her mother has given her, then discloses to her Father that she has been having sex with her stepfather.

In total disbelief, the biological Father immediately took his two girls to Egelston Children's Hospital of Atlanta to have them checked.  The Atlanta police, Georgia social workers, and Georgia Department of Family and Children's Services got involved to do what's in the best interest of the children; by protecting them and keeping them safe.  The Georgia agencies then contacted the Alabama agencies (as the children are Alabama residents) to put a plan of action into place to protect the children.

The biological father of the two minor girls was advised, both verbally and through text, by the Cullman county DHR worker, Kindal Beach, that all other children that reside in the mother's home had been removed and that if the minor girls were returned to their mother's home they would be placed in foster care, so to not have that happen the father kept the girls with him.

The caseworker then coached the biological father of the steps to take to withdraw the girls from the Alabama schools,
to prevent truancy while the case was investigated.  The Cullman Alabama caseworker, Kindal Beach gave these instructions both verbally and via text, yet; when at trial and under oath, she denied that she coached the Father.

During this time, the father actively did everything necessary to protect and provide for his children.  He got them into therapy at the Stephanie v Blank Child Advocacy Center, located in the Children's Hospital of Atlanta.  He also got them into family counseling, with his fiance and stepchildren, to help them all with transitioning into the home.
These services were offered at The Potter's House in Stone Mountain Georgia.

Both girls were enrolled in the Georgia school system.  and the father volunteered daily and chapperoned firldtrips in an effort to allow the girls to cope with their trauma and go back to being little girls. During this time a forensic interview was done in the Cullman County Alabama child advocacy center with Kindal Beach from DHR and the forensic specialist whose name I won't mention. During this interview the girls disclose that the 8 year old daughter has been involved with another student at her school and the student let's her sit on his lap while he puts his hands in her pants during school hours.

The minor girls also admit to their biological father that  the 8 year old had sex in the home with neighbors. Court was held on May 21st 2019 and the child molester and stepfather of the children was present in court. Judge Jennifer M. Howell dismissed most of the biological fathers evidence and didn't take into consideration the best interest of the children. Judge Jennifer Howell stacked the case in favor of the biological mother  and she refused to read the testimony from the children's therapist about disclosures of the sexual abuse. The judge Jennifer M Howell of Decatur Alabama Circuit Court, did the children a huge injustice by ordering both girls be immediately  returned to their  biological mother,  and immediately be withdrawn  from Georgia schools and returned to Alabama schools. 

 Jennifer M Howell also asked She's Kindal Beach if  she would allow the Stepfather to have supervised visitation with the minor children  to which Ms. Beach replied she would and that everyone loves the step father, hence placing them back In harm's way.  Placing then back  in the school where the little boy puts his hands in the eight-year-olds pants,  back on the property  where the molestation is taking place,  back on the property  where random male children come into the mother's home to engage in sexual activity with the minor girls. The judge Jennifer M Howell also disrupted the therapy  just as the girls  began to form a bond  and the oldest girl  disclosed the sexual abuse  to the therapist. This is outrageous.. since when are decisions made based on what is best for the mother instead of what is best for the children?

It was also disclosed to the therapist and the biological father that the biological mother does the children's homework for them. The eight-year-old child is in third grade with a first grade reading level. And even the former Alabama teacher stated under oath that the child struggles with math and reading however they would still "move her along". Why would they promote a struggling child to the next grade level  without implementing a plan  to help the child succeed in the future?While the children were in the state of Georgia the biological father was able to secure a 504 plan and an RTI intervention so that his eight-year-old child could get an IEP in the upcoming school year.  In less than 6 weeks the biological father  was able to  get a plan in place as well as therapy in place  something that the mother has had years to do . Judge Jennifer Howell disrupted this process as well. To make such a decision while the case is still open and the investigation is still open and active is absurd.

Why do the children have to have visitation with their molester. Why not leave the children in a safe environment where no molestation has been indicated. Why not allow the children to finish out the school year and continue their therapy while  the investigation is underway instead of causing more trauma by forcing them to meet new therapist? Shame on Decatur Alabama Judge Jennifer M Howell and Cullman county Alabama DHR Kindal Beach for not putting the children first. Shame on Cullman county Alabama's Children's Advocacy Center Brooks Place  for not stepping in to protect the children and allowing their molester to be present in court and to have visitation with the children with no objections. Especially being that he is The Stepfather and has no biological children of his own.

It took courage for this child to disclose her abuse. Now it's like blaming the victim for her abuse or like saying you don't believe her by placing her back in the exact environment she needs saving from. The biological father and family are asking that this judge be made to step down and that this case be heard by a higher Court by a non biased judge.  Judge Jennifer Howell stacked the case in favor of the biological mother  and she refused to read the testimony from the children's therapist about disclosures of the sexual abuse. 

It's appalling that a family court judge would place children In harm's way  and terrifying to the biological father who lives four hours away in the state of Georgia that his daughters are continuing to be molested by the stepfather and peers as they will be attending the same exact Alabama school. Help the voices of these minor girls be heard. Save them from this injustice caused by Jennifer M. Howell.

A statement from the courtroom made by judge Howell just minutes before she made her decision was that she had five minutes before she needed to be somewhere else and she needed to wrap this up. Seconds later she made the most devastating and horrific decision to return children to a harmful environment where they're not properly supervised nor monitored, where their homework is done for them, where they're allowed to used electronics and browse the internet unsupervised,  where they have frequently watched pornographic content,  and worst of all where they were molested. 

How can any family judge in good conscience and being a mother of a young daughter herself make such a decision! Judge Jennifer M. Howell needs to step down and allow the case to be heard and tried in a higher Court, the Cullman County DHR case worker kindall Beach should be terminated, and Cullman Children's Advocacy Center needs to step up and do what they're in place to do which is protect and advocate for the children so that they receive what's in their best interest for their educational, mental, and physical health and well-being. Let's put a stop to Judge Jennifer Howells poor judgement and decision making. Sign the petition and share.