Stop humiliating our Constitutional Rights : We Don't Need CAB

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    First of all we want to state that India is a secular country holding total number of 1,351.77 M population , where we belong to various religions, culture and creed . In the preamble of Indian constitution it is clearly mentioned that India a Sovereign,Socialist​,Democratic republic. But the current governing party BJP is going to pass a named the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2016 (CAB). In this bill they have clearly mentioned that any religiously minority group or person from Bangladesh and other Muslim country can easily enter into India and get citizenship without any further verification and the targeted state to give shelter to them is Assam.The main reason behind settling them in Assam is "VOTE BANK".  . According to the Assam Accord which was a result of Assam Movement and death of 855 martyrs, no illegal immigrants can live in Assam came after the year of 1971. As Assam is already shaken by the mostly known Bangladeshi immigrants. 

 But the Indian Govt. is going to pass the bill , which can easily bring unsuitability and communal violence to the whole region. And since last two days Assam and North East is burning. Organizations like AASU (All Assam Students Union) , NESO and all the citizens are continuously opposing the bill by Democratic Movements . 

       So we request you to interfere into this matter before it is too late . Already the democratic rights are violated, please stop it before "Assam turn into ashes".


                                            We on behalf all Assamese people :