Stop Corrupt DHS Workers From Lying, to Substantiate a Case

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Andrea Apple
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Case workers that work for DHS take children from loving families based off lies. There are thousands of misplaced children across the globe that have been taken from thier families based off false allegations. Most of the time, the allegations are not substantiated, or proven to be true, before the case worker documents them into a case file. That means, many children are being taken from thier families unlawfully. That leads to innocent children being taken into custody of the state, and most times, adopted out. That's only after they spend a substantial amount of time in a foster home that is usually abusive, or non-conducive to the children's healing process. This may cause great harm later in life for both parents, and children. The system is set up for failure. Innocent people are being abused and taken advantage by DHS/CPS. And the judges, public defenders, and case workers are all on the same side. The worst part about it is, there is a Justice system in place in order to protect human rights; and grant due process. The program was set up to aid families in becoming healthier, and stronger. By assisting in taking necessary steps to provide the parents help, with whatever seems to be a hindrance to them, and thier children. After they finish certain programs, and or relapse prevention classes, it makes a safe environment for the families to be reunited. The problem is, the judges, public defenders, and case workers seem to be on the opposing side and strip these adults, and children, of thier God given human rights. Separating families in any situation, other than dire, is unnecessary and cruel. These families are at risk, and the system meant to protect and support families; has been making it impossible to succeed by lying and decieving the public eye, and government officials. There is a very low percentage of children returned to their families they are taken from. The parents are lied to, and meant to follow through with all required services in order to get thier children back. In some cases they are posed to look like criminals based off false allegations and lies written into thier files by case workers trying to substantiate a case, in order to give the false perception that they did the right thing in separating the family. This leads to terrible heartache, abandonment issues, extremely harsh living arrangements for children, and a lot of time, abuse while away from thier parents. There is no Justice in the way most CPS cases are handled. I speak from experience, my DHS case was neglected, falsefied, and even after I finished all required services, I was denied due process. And my only son was shipped across the United States to live with his absent, criminal, abusive father. My case worker committed intersate abduction and purgery. She made the judge believe that I had done absolutely nothing to have my son return home, and allowed my son to leave the state without clearance from any law enforcement, judge, or court room. There was no parenting plan written up, I was stripped of my civil rights. I was denied testimony by my expert witness; who was my son's psychologist and had very important insight on the situation. I was not asked to sign my parental right over, nor was I given information where my son was going to be living. To this day I have not been able to speak to my 8 year old son. His father is in hiding, and not one person has helped me locate him, or make sure he is safe, in any way whatsoever.

Before a case is started on an innocent person, that allows the state to take custody of ones children; there needs the be substantial evidence that the steps taken are necessary. The supervisors need to take time in reviewing the case and allow the parents to be granted thier civil rights. The judges need to review the case, read the supporting documents for the case, and make the case workers provide written evidence of each allegation against the parents. The case workers sworn into truth in court need to be held responsible for lying, and providing a false perception of the person they are meant to defend. These innocent families need to be given a voice, and allow the children to stay at home throughout the duration of the case, as long as there is no eminent need for removal. There needs to be supporting documents to each action taken by CPS that justifies the steps taken. The interstate compact agreement between States to transfer children was not even completed in my case, there needs to be consequences for case workers commiting purgery. The public defenders get paid for every case they take. They should be more supportive to the families that are being taken advantage of. There needs to be a way to make sure information written into a person's file is true before it is allowed to be documented.

I started this petition because...
I am Andrea Apple, a single mother of one truely amazing child. One of whom I have not spoken to in four months, and I have not seen in almost 8 months. I was lied about to start a CPS case that was open for 4 months before there was any reason to proceed with a case. I had one relapse and my child was taken, given to an abusive foster family, and my rights were never considered. I was made to look like a drug addicted criminal. That was the furthest thing from the truth, but my entire family believed CPS over me, and now I have no idea how my son is, he was shipped to North Carolina from Oregon. I was not guilty of any of the things my case workers wrote about me, yet they based thier decisions off false allegations that were never proven to be true. I was completely abused by the system meant to protect families. My civil rights were taken, my son was taken, and my name is now tainted in the judicial system. My son is my everything, he and I have such a strong bond that has been tested by the state I moved to, in order to start over. My rights were trampled on, my son has no idea what happened to his mommy, and was forced to live with his absent, abusive father. The judge was brought up to par with the truth about his father, repeated the criminal record back to me during my dependency hearing. And then told me that I'll have to deal with him in family court, and have to go to North Carolina to do so. That was only after he yelled at me, and threatened me for trying to speak without talking to my public defender first. He made no reference to my child's best interests, denied me due process, and he denied my expert witnesses to speak. He allowed purgery in his court room, and without any proof of what was being said about me, convicted me of being an unfit mother and felt as if he was doing the right thing. I have never had any problems with the law, never gave any reasons to have a CPS case started on me, but two people made sure that I lost my child. Just the lies and falsefied documents by DHS/CPS workers, and two unnamed individuals stole everything from me with no proof, I'm innocent, I'm a great mother, and I love and cared for my son better than most. There is no Justice in the system meant to protect families. I was abused by the judicial system numerous times throughout the duration of my case, and there was never any lawful need to separate my son from my care. Nor was there any supporting documents to sustain a case against me. So how was my son taken from my care and given to his father? Why am I still registered as the custodial parent of my son? Why do I have no idea where my son is? My case was accepted into the state court of appeals, and I've been waiting since November 2018 for a verdict.