Stop abuse, neglect and fraud against disabled adults as with elderly

Stop abuse, neglect and fraud against disabled adults as with elderly

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There are many agencies that are trying to stop the abuse, neglect and fraud against the elderly.  This is as it should be.  However, there are none that do the same for those adult disabled adults who have no one to speak for them or have those that would speak for them silenced. 

This has to stop.  While my son's welfare is my first and foremost priority - to get him out of the hands of this very corrupt guardianship system in Washoe County, Nevada - I know he is not alone.  There are others who have no one to speak for them.

The following is a post that is on my Facebook page.  It was originally posted by my sister in the hopes of finding someone who both can and will investigate and stop what is going on in Washoe County, Nevada. 

Casey is in a Group House – if all are as the ones he has been in, these should never be called ‘home’.

He is an adult disabled young man; 24 with the mindset of a 9-year old child and very limited communication.  He also has a visual impairment which greatly inhibits his ability to see.  Without treatment, he often suffers from severe migraines and difficulty swallowing food.

His mom used to care for him and was his voice – now both she and he are either silenced or simply ignored when seeking help.

If he could speak for himself, this is what he might say:

When they took me away in October, they wouldn’t let anyone in my family come to see me at this house…now, with the virus, I can’t even see Mommy and Grandma where we go to visit…

I don’t feel well…Mommy and Grandma used to take care of me, now no one really cares…

I was so happy when Mommy and Grandma took me out of this place, but then the judge said I had to go back...I felt so much better when not here…

·         They didn’t care that the person who fed me gave me raw bacon to eat…

·         They don’t care that my medication needs to be given to me the right way…

·         They don’t care that I am so thin now…

·         They don’t care that I am not sleeping right…

·         They don’t care that I am dirty…

·         They didn’t care that, when I was still able to see my Mommy and Grandma, just an hour twice a week, my Mommy would give me her coat cause they didn’t give me one to wear when they took me to see her and Grandma when it was very cold…I kept one of them…

My Mommy has been trying to get someone to listen…


Look at the attached pictures and see for yourself… none of the following would bother to look at these or hear the truth:

·         The people at Sierra Regional Center, including the Service Coordinator assigned to Casey, Crystal Ninete

·         Sierra Regional Center’s attorney (a senior attorney at the Attorney General’s office), Julie Slabaugh – wonder why they need her?

·         The person from Washoe Legal Services appointed to be Casey’s attorney when his guardianship transferred to Nevada, Lisa Evans

·         The Public Guardian, Tracey Bowles who the judge hurriedly appointed without proper due process

·         The case manager assigned to Casey from the Public Guardian’s office, Steven Hockenberry

·         The attorneys who represented Casey’s mother

·         The attorneys who would not represent Casey’s mother because they did not want to fight the system; and,

·         The judge himself, Egan Walker


Maybe if the Sierra Regional Center really regulated the providers,

·         They would see what is in their background and not allow them to be in business

·         They would see and investigate their business as should be done with every provider who is to be entrusted with the care of disabled adults

·         If they had done their due diligence and investigated Creative Possibilities of Northern Nevada (the business name of provider who runs the house he is now in) and the owners, Patience Aiyuk and Alfred Tanyi, they would never have considered asking them to be a provider

·         If they had investigated the Service Coordinator, Crystal Ninete, who is assigned to Casey, she never would have been chosen for her position

Just the level of deception which the judge allowed when he hurriedly appointed the public guardian and had Casey placed back with these people causes many questions to arise…questions about all those involved…

Please help in the fight to save Casey…no one is helping…no one cares…no one is listening…the judge made his decision before the hearing even began…in the first 3 months in their care, Casey lost 12 pounds and more since…will you listen?

Please share this with anyone who may be able to help save Casey before it is too late…



0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
At 1,000 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!