Sign for a worldwide lockdown to fight Coronavirus effectively

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As demonstrated by the past few days after the lockdown, contagion and mortality due to Covid-19 dropped significantly.

It is essential (in every single country!) to declare the lockdown as soon as possible. This apparently exaggerated measure is essential to prevent your nation's healthcare system to fall. At this critical moment in history, healthcare is playing such a vital role that it must be supported and preserved in all ways possible. The lockdown will impact the economy of every country, yes, but imagine a contagion that does not stop, imagine nations struggling to recover and then falling back again in other waves of contagion coming from other countries. Help million of  citizens being under lockdown to enjoy everyday's life as before, again. Help them to leave their house and get out freely, again.

Let's raise our voice and suggest our countries how to help each other in such a terrible time!