Safe Sport Reform Petition Advocacy for George Morris and all USEF members

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 Safesport as it operates now is clearly unconstitutional. Swift justice and protection of the victims and accusers is imperative. However the pendulum has swung too far and it is at the cost of the constitutional rights of coaches in all sports affiliated with Safesport.  In addition there are major operational issues in the Safesport infrastructure. There must be action taken to correct these issues as soon as possible.  Below is a bullet point list of the constitutional issues that need to be addressed:

1. The right to know the charges and your accuser/accusers.
2. The right to counsel.
3.The concept of timely,civil proceedure .
4.The acknowledgement of statute of limitations.
5.The distinction of felony and misdemeanor of charges.

 In addition the process needs to  be more in line with other organizations that have to handle similar situations. For example school districts with teachers and doctors and psychologists in the professional world. There cannot be shaming, slander, and suspensions delivered before due process has been given. 

 Bipartisan support moving forward at the congressional level will be essential. Thank you for your support and understanding.