Roberto Law

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As the mother of Roberto Lopez who was murdered on August 25, 2019. We the family was not notified correctly about his death ! We never got a visit from the cops or a phone call ! We never got to identify his body they went off of what the person who set him up said "who he was" . They said it wasn't their job to notify us ! We would love for these laws to be passed in his name stating a cop must notify the supposedly family of the victim immediately so the family can identify the body ! My son was murdered around 6-7 am and we weren't professionally notified by cops ! We got a text message around 12pm when it was opened stating we needed to call them ! My daughter all the way in NY had to call and inform me my son was murdered ! All those hours we didn't know ! The day after him being murdered August 26th i had a meeting at 1:00 pm with the detectives on his case. I asked the detective "how did he identify my son " he looks at me furious beating his hands on the table and says "you identified him when you came in here screaming and crying ". I said to him when can I identify my son ! He says "no need for that we already identified him " (meaning the girl who set him up) ! They went off of what she said ! Prior to that the girl met us at the hospital with his belongings knowing that if they would've done a thorough investigation they would have identified him off the ID that was in his pockets which wasnt done! ROBERTO LAW