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TakeItDown.Org is committed to the removal of all confederate monuments, memorials and tributes from American public land. Sign the petition and join the fight.

Most people can agree the confederacy was a traitor organization of Americans set to destroy our nation, all to maintain the enslavement of Black Americans.

Yet, 155 years after being defeated by America, statues, memorials and tributes to these failed treasonous leaders remain on public soil throughout the contiguous 48, and even in Alaska and Hawaii. 

These structures were placed during Jim Crow often by the KKK, to enshrine the confederate's WHITE SUPREMACIST history and oppress Black Americans. 

This means that you, and the descendants of the Black Americans the confederacy fought to enslave, are forced to PAY TAXES to enshrine these traitors. In just the last 10 years WE have spent over 40 Million tax dollars to preserve these monuments. 

The nonprofit's task is up hill, supporters of these monuments are well-funded, organized and NRA, KKK politically connected.

Isn't it time to end government welfare for the confederacy and #takeitdown?

We at TakeItDown.Org are dedicated to an America where no Black child must play in the shadow of a confederate monument in her public park.